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Posted by Anonymous on 01/05/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

Okay so It was my third time doing salvia, my first being an intense visual trip with 20x, and my second a session with 10x, i bought the most potent 20x the head shop had, costing around 40.00 dollars, so after my friends all hit it I decided to go, after much research and the will of wanting to see this new place I took the hit, lied back and closed my eyes.. instantly the world that i left had made some crazy patterns with my eyes closed, i think it was some crazy tarantula creature but like 7 of them in an alternating pattern, right away I had the thought that "why would i close my eyes i'm obviously going to go insane because my mind is so fucked up" that's when i opened my eyes and looked around, but for some reason it seemed that at the edge of my vision there seemed to be a fucked up pattern of like colourful shopping carts all going around the egde, and if i closed my eyes i would slowly go into this other place... anyways i just spent the rest of the time trying to make out visuals with my eyes close nothing to crazy happened, but then i had the bright idea to go home and sleep, I was at a buddies about 4 blocks away, so i got up and drove home and tried to sleep. next time i will inhale as much as possible and we'll see what happens.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 05/04/2010
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Thanks for sharing.

I still say tripping in the dark with eyes wide open (eyes closed) is the ultimate.

It is here your "innermind" unwinds and you can discover the mysteries of the contents.

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