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Posted by jj1005 on 20/12/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

I heard about how horrible salvia could be but I didn't think a hallucinogen could be this powerful. Well I was wrong.

I probably chose the worst environment to do it in too, I went to my friend's friend's apartment and there were about 6 people in the room, and about 4 whom I didn't really know; but I didn't think it would matter and I would still somewhat have control. I was wrong again.

I smoked it and held it in for about 30 seconds. I exhaled and within 10 seconds I was already in another world, far away from reality.

At first right after i exhaled it, I was thinking "oh this isn't too bad, I'm fine". Then I looked at the sofa and it started swishing around like water and then the next thing I saw were cartoon subtitles coming at me from the left side so I tried to dodge. I felt I was in a kids television and my friend's head was floating in it (I guess cause I saw her face) show.

So as the subtitles were coming towards me I tried dodging it and jumped onto the ground. I felt like half of my body got stuck in the moving subtitles (I guess because I hit the tiled wooden floor boards I felt like I was stuck).

Then after that i was just stuck and spinning clockwise slowly. My body spun around and I felt like I was stuck in this box. It felt like I would be stuck in here spinning forever. It freaked me out so much I tried to grab onto familiar objects to get me out of the spinning. I realized even if i grabbed something i was still forever stuck in this box with my body somehow wedged in the center of it. So i finally got up and somehow the box I was stuck and spinning in.. became hundreds of spinning cogs.

Like I felt like I was in a one dimensional world where my whole body was stuck in hundreds and millions of spinning cogs and I wasn't able to move. As if I could only move up and down but those were the only two directions I could move in. I constantly felt like my body was being crushed by all these spinning cogs.

I tried to rebel and I climbed onto my friend when I saw him, because I thought he could save me from this madness.

I slowly got up and saw other faces too and the feeling began to fade (apparently I was tripping for only 6 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime).

I pushed through the gravitational rules of this one dimensional cogs world and pushed my way into the bathroom. I then began to realize I was on a drug called salvia and this was a trip. It was the weirdest feeling ever.

Before doing it, I thought I would KNOW I was tripping on salvia. But that wasn't the case.

At first, you lose a sense of where you are – you pretty much go into an realm. You lost sense of your body after, and then you just lose sense of it all. Like towards the end I didn’t even realize i was a person in a world, or what anything was.

And I as i was sorta coming out of it, i had to keep telling myself that I am tripping and on a drug called salvia. But ya, it was intense for me, I was still messed up for another 2 hours trying to “piece life together”.. like i still felt the spinning cogs everywhere but it wasn’t as bad as before.

Once i was able to get up and look at people and see things, they defied the laws of my spinning cogs world. And i slowly realized that I will be okay. Very terrifying experience.

Words of advice is.. don't resist the trip and be somewhere familiar with people you're close with. As horrible as it was, I'm glad I did it. I was able to gain insight to another world and feel a sense of detachment from reality.

Although as I was coming out of it,I was very angry at myself for inducing this terror on myself. But in hindsight, it was definitely an experience of a lifetime.


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Posted by on 12/21/2011
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watch thank you for letting me be him on youtube


Posted by Mr.Salvia on 01/06/2012
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sounds like a pretty crazy trip!

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