Salvia Trip

Collection of [S]ubtle / [A]ltered experiences


Posted by Sasquatch on 14/07/2008
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Type/Strength:5x; Leaf
Dosage:1/50 - 1/30 g of standardized 5x, or a single plain leaf, on multiple occasions
Method of Ingestion:Smoked in bubbler with torch lighter; one or two hits

My first real trip frightened me so much that I haven't had the guts to try anything close to 1/16 g of 5x. However, I have done smaller doses on multiple occasions, and this documents some of the recurring effects I've had. The experiences are very consistent and non-intimidating.

Physical effects

The effects tend to start with a rush sweeping through my head, starting at the scalp moving down to the neck. Limbs and head typically feel heavy. I imagine this is what it feels to be "stoned", but I have never tried that. A pull to the right or down-right is sometimes felt. I am able to move around, but it feels like a lot of work once I'm stationary.

With the higher doses (around 1/30 g with two hits), I often experience a sensation of being displaced. For example, I feel like I am half-descended into the floor or bed. This is not painful, but quite disconcerting and an odd feeling. It subtly feels like my body consists of dice, and that every die of the descended portion of the body feels "intersected". In a similar effect, the dice rotate or turn, resulting in a buzzing sensation.

Sexual climax is highly pleasurable in this condition, roughly three times the strength of typical climax.

Auditory effects

Sounds become drawn-out or repeated, although completely recognizable. Rhythms and variations in the music become exaggerated.

Visual effects

The visual effects I experience with these doses can be divided into two categories: Distortions and patterns.

Distortions: The gravitational pull described under physical effects is sometimes accompanied with an open-eye visual effect of everything drifting in the direction indicated. The effect is subtle, like a motion blur.

Patterns: 2D patterns appear with open or closed eyes (this seems to be a Level 2 effect). They are not textures, but rather transparent, repeated, monochromatic pictograms in flat 2D configurations, like plastic sheets overlaying reality. Some examples of pictures are: Fish (stylized, like a kid would draw a fish), Faces (simple smilies), and shaded oranges. I experience that reality is made up of these repeated patterns, although I know that it is the drug that makes me feel that way.

Occasionally, they give me an idea of how one may look beyond this fabric of reality. It makes me wonder why the human brain has these facilities for going beyond 3-dimensional space. It does not seem beneficial from an evolutionary standpoint. I suspect that genius theoretical physicists have conscious/controllable access to this ability, in order to formulate their theories.

Lasting effects

I have not been able to detect any long-lasting effects. 5-10 minutes, and it is gone. Mood seems largely unaffected.


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Posted by Ragabash on 05/19/2009
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Any one particular occasion that stands out to you?

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