Salvia Trip

Color Plates


Posted by Dale92 on 31/07/2008
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Dosage:1 large hit
Method of Ingestion:pipe

This was probably my hardest trip that i can remember the best, however it may be confusing.

I'll start from where i remember i believe blacked out right at the beginning.
A Figure entered realizing one of the color plates had broken off (in this world all the colors were made up of small color plates under which were
smurf like people) The person quickly fixed the situation by trying to nail down the color plate back over the smurf thing. I then realized that I was
infact having the color plate nailed over me and that i needed to run in order to escape an eternity of living under a color plate.  For i knew it was
a mistake and i was not a smurf under one of these plates but was rather a normal person. I began to flee by taking flight at first i flew over a
sesame street like world then over my house and finally to the field where i sat. I hovered above and then flew back into my body.


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Posted by Shane333 on 09/02/2008
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Awesome description.


Posted by DonS on 09/20/2008
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Sorry, but I have to keep asking folks here... if you were terrified or if there was some part of you that knew this was a salvia trip & things are just weird right now? My first trip was terrifying & I totally thought my mind, consciousness & "normal" state of being were gone forever. The terror erased any insight or lessons learned.


Posted by entityerased on 11/08/2008
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DonS, I too felt terrified for a second, as my sense of 'me' was replaced by the feeling that I was multiple entities seeing the room I was in from multiple angles.

I focused hard on a visualization of swirling colors on the computer monitor, and felt myself return to... myself.

The main thing to remember is that you will be fine in 10 minutes or so.

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