Salvia Trip

Come fly with us!


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 22/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Rebecca, my brass pipe

I think I should mention something since it comes up... I do wear diapers for issues I have in real life, and I've got a stuffed wolf named Floppy. Both had an influence on this trip. Spiritually, I beliebe a guardian spirit I called out to resides in my stuffed wolf so I can easily find, hug, and interact with him. He goes by the name Floppy just for ease of comprehension.

For this trip, I laid on the couch near a fan in the window. I had my contacts out, jewlery off. I got comfy in my "trippin shirt" and diaper, no other clothes to get tangled in. If I'm going to tell you guys about my trips, there is no point in being shy or embarrassed about what I wear.

Ok, let's fly!

I had a sitter this time. My ex, who had just gone through a bad trip. ...told her not to be so aprehensive, just go where lady Salvia wants to take you.

I was trying to tell her what I was seeing, but it didn't work for long...

I took a hit, and laid back on the couch.
The fractal patterns spirialed in. "Hello guys!" I said to them, "Aw, c'mon, you don't have to spiral. Relax"
I was instantly overcome with sweat! I tried to reach the fan and was asking my ex to help turn it on. I could barely see the fan through the fractal swirls. Whenever I got near the center of the swirling, my voice jammed... Like when you slow a record with your hand. The closer to the center, the slower my "voice record".

I took another hit. My dragon lighter said to me in a whisper "sssssssalvia". I put my pacifier in my mouth, and laid back with Floppy in my arms. I have developed the skill of taking "booster hits" without destroying the trip, so I can't remember when I took them.

Lots of colors, usual eye candy stuff.

Then, the couch was made of Salvia shake. The blue sky was all around, and I was erroding away in the wind (the fan, I assume).
I wet my diaper, and could feel the material expand. It kept expanding until it enveloped all of reality.
Suddenly, Floppy and I were falling. There were butterflies around, and the Salvia shake from the couch was falling with us.

Then, we were flying with these girls wgo had streamers. They were so beautiful. This went on for what seemed like hours. Each girl had 6 streamers. I can't imagine its a coincidence that the fan has 6 blades.

I don't remember the "landing", but coming back to reality was very gentle.


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