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Posted by James Arthur on 05/12/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaf/5x
Method of Ingestion:smoking

I've recently come across this site, and, rather than relate one or two experiences, I thought I would mention my book, "Peopled Darkness", where I've related my experiences over the course of several years, smoking salvia.

One of the most dramatic features of these excursions was the consistent encountering of "people" or "presences". These encounters varied in intensity, emotional and otherwise, as well as duration. They radically altered the way I've subsequently viewed the "real" world.

My question is this: have many people here encountered such people or presences, and if so, what were those encounters like? Personally, I think this is the most significant aspect of the salviaic trance, and it would be interesting to hear other's accounts.

James Arthur


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Posted by Synchronium on 12/06/2008
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Peopled Darkenss on Amazon. Thanks for sharing!


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/06/2008
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I have been experiencing spirits in my houses where I lived many times without Salvia. This is very common in Hawaii where I live. These are people who have not crossed over after losing awareness (death) in this world so I tell them they must go because this is not where they belong.

But with Salvia I am now finding another presence that makes itself known with gentle and subtle noises. It is there in the darkness spending time with me.

I am sure it is my own subconcious mind come together with the spirit that binds all of the universe that we know of to this point. There is another place just beyond that "knowing point". It is just reassuring me that in the set time I will be in that new place.

I have been using Salvia in the dark in my home. I prefer this to all other uses of Salvia. It is more pure than all the other obvious daytime or nighttime outdoor settings or TV or music experiences although many of those are very enjoyable.

I am not one to use a sitter or party or do the "youtube" crap, and waste Salvia with childish pranks. but if this is what they want it is there own choice. I have no problem with them. It is of no consequence to me.

It (entity or what ) isnt there to harm me.. it is just what I have learned as it comes from time to time.. but I know it is there in the darkness. It is more like my friend and I speak to it and tell it I am going to sleep now. Sometimes I just lay still and listen. It seems to enjoy the silence as i do.

Many times I have gotten up and looked through my house just to explore.. but there is no "appearance" of an entity. It is just a "knowing" that it is there to assist me or just to let go and relax and rest. I sleep so well although I do have some strange dreams. but we all do whether using Salvia or not.

Well, you may think I am out to lunch. So what. It is my experience just as valid as your experiences are to you.

God Bless you and treat yourself with respect as well as use Salvia with clear intent and purpose.


Posted by shamanation on 01/04/2009
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I have done salvia now appx 12 times. I use a 15x extract. I would say that I have experienced what I felt to be entities three times. Once there was a large floating entity in my room. It seemed to be a cross betwee a whale and somethibg like Jaba the Hut. It definately seemed to percieve me as well and seemed suprised that I was aware of it.

Another time I saw a human type ghost go by me in my peripheral vision. The smoke coming from the bong seemed to move around it's "edges" so that I could "see" it.

Once I felt I wa being carressed by an unseen spirit. It felt as though it was a carmelly ocean of love gently lapping my senses...very loving~!

Other times I have seen very large scale scenes of humans (see my trip entitled Norman Rockwell scene) but they felt more like memories or projections rather than entities.


Posted by Salviavation on 02/25/2009
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When I tried 30x and my first time, upon the ehale, it became extremely dark around me. Initally I was presented with a male (to the right) and female figure (to the left), the male extended his arm to guide me and I was taken through at least 3 rooms. Unfortunately I cannot recall what transpired in the 3rd room.

However, while in the initial room, there were others walking about and looking at things in the room but not making much eye contact with me as I lay there immobile and trying to get bearing on my surroundings.


Posted by figment on 04/06/2009
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I almost always seem to get at least a feeling of other entities/people, usually just one or two. Often it is a mother-type figure, once it was like my sister, another time my mother, tonight was like my neighbour, a warm elderly west-indian woman.

The time it was like my sister I was saying "have I been a good boy have i been a good boy, yes I think i've been good boy" (haha was quite funny), felt kind of like a reassurance that i'm doing alright.. maybe to counter the feeling i get sometimes (often?) that I am not doing enough for others or myself.

I once felt like I was on a committee looking after the block I live in, serious discussions going on there. I even called a 'salvia buddy' as i was coming out, ended up speaking to another friend who picked up the phone, i was saying "we need to speak to #### her opinion is needed on important matters" or sthn to that effect !
It did feel like I had been amongst 'spirits' who were looking after affairs in my block.

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