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Posted by Shane333 on 02/09/2008
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About ten years ago before most people new what salvia was, I bought a quarter pound of it for about $200 (it's much cheaper now). I learned how to make an extract and enhanced the leaves to six times their potency. I then set out with several grams to expand (or blow) the minds of both friends and strangers. Most people reacted like "what the fuck, is this really happening?" Others were much more frightened. One girl said if I didn't make it stop she had to kill herself, it was just too intense for her. Luckily the intensity only lasts a few minutes. Another guy took a huge bong load and started to act almost retarded at first. After drooling and rolling around on the floor he got up and said "you guys are shady, you guys are shady" and tried to run out of the house. I had to get up and restrain him and reassure him that everything would be ok and it would wear off soon. After he came down he was still visibly shaken, and left immediately. Later he described the experience: He said he saw me get up with a large white box (I didn't leave my seat until he tried to run away, and there were a few other people in the room) and open it next to him. From this box came forth a strange world which he could only describe as "spagettioland." Everything else that happened he couldn't put into words.

I was the first person to use this batch and I had a great experience. After holding my hit for thirty seconds I released and closed my eyes. Salvia pulled my body through a strange abstract "machine" of shiny pastel colored "loops?" which I can only compare to a very complex roller coaster in shape. As it streched and twisted my body through this, it caressed me in extraordinarily pleasurable ways, like an ecstatic orgasmic full body massage. As I came out of this "machine," there was a bright spot above the stairs across the room that sent a visible energy through the room and into my chest over and over in sync with my heart beat. This energy pounded me with tremendous intensity but was somehow very pleasant. As this wore off I was left stunned with a giant grin plastered on my face. Then over the next hour or so I felt incredibley calm and introspective. This is testament to the importance of dosage, state of mind and environmental factors. Although I have had somewhat difficult experiences, I've never wanted to kill myself to make it stop. That only happened once because it was in a party-like environment and state of mind. Not to mention there were some apathetic shady characters around. I shouldn't have administered it under such circumstances.

After that batch was gone I took a hiatus from salvia for a couple years. Then for some reason my interest was rekindled. I ordered another couple ounces and once again made more extract, although this time less potent, probably around 4X. I again went about trying to turn people on to how subjective "reality" actually is. This time people weren't as profoundly impacted, but still very impressed. I knew that salvia was very non-toxic, and in controlled circumstances, incredibly safe. I also had an ego-dominated desire to once again wield such profundity, so I made a super powered extract. This extract was a black dry tar like substance with little pieces of green plant material speckled throughout it. I guess it's potency to have been about 50X. At the time I was hanging out with a guy that I met in my Kenpo class at a local martial arts school. He smoked weed, but that's all he'd ever done. He tried the 4X but didn't seem too impressed, so I broke out the strong stuff. This is where things got serious and bizzare.

Admittedly I didn't have the balls to smoke this stuff and niether did anyone else I knew, but this guy seemed to be what's known as a "salvia hard head," and indeed he was. Slowly he released the large hit after holding it for the required 20 to 30 seconds. I looked at his face and obviously he was in the grip of Lady Salvia, but he displayed none of the fear that's common with large doses. He even took another hit which he couldn't hold for long. After he came down he explained what he experienced. He said that there was what he described as a "banshee" standing behind him. Although it was behind him he could see her and feel her. She began to pull him out of his body into some other dimension, but before he broke through she angrily rejected him. He said her prescence began to feel very upset and she somehow conveyed to him that she was very pissed at all of us, particuarly me. I asked him what he meant and he said he didn't know, she was just very pissed at me. This caused a very uneasy feeling within me because I knew I had fucked up and angered a powerful entity which I both respected and feared. This friend was not ready for her, and had invoked her without any reason.

I know that this sounds preposterous to those of you still indoctrinated with scientific rationalism. The unseen, immeasureable, spiritual and magical are nothing but fantasy, mere figments of the imagination, right? Wrong. Salvia divinorum is known in spanish as "Hojas de la Pastora"-Leaves of the Shepherdess. Mazatec indians have described in consistent detail this shepherdess, or Lady Salvia, for centuries. Modern anthropologists and many others from the "civilized" world have also described the same entity. This consistency implies that this is a true encounter with a spiritual entity and not just some hallucination. The Mazatec use "the quid method" or buccal method in which salvia leaves are chewed and sucked so that the psychoactive constituents are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth. This method is much less intense and lasts longer than smoking so that the shepherdess can be worked with without being overwhelmed by her power. The pointless intrusion into her world that I helped my friend achieve was very disrespectful and angered her tremendously. Contrary to popular belief, the more primitive esoteric practices of certain people and societies are far from being simply superstitious. I believe that I have paid for this intrusion.

Shortly after this crossing of Lady Salvia, I was struck with adversity. First, my girlfriend of two and a half years suddenly didn't want to be with me anymore. I had to go stay with my grandparents for a few months because she kept the apartment. This sucked. I then gave up a decent job for a job that turned out to be shitty, and I lost it two months later. Then both my parents lost their quality jobs because my mom reported sexual harassment (they both worked at the same place). They tried to sue but couldn't because they no longer had any money. They're still struggling to this day (two years later). I was then kicked out of my grandparents house to be basically homeless where my alcohol and drug intake skyrocketed. I was becoming very fucked up. Once things started to look better, my legal ordeal in Tennessee began. This was by far the most stressful time of my life. My felony charges 600 miles away cost tons of money and caused even more frayed nerves, and I'm still dealing with it to this day. Although hindsight has shown me that all these things needed to happen (at least the things that happened to me), it was a lot of pain all piled on top of more pain, all at once. It could have simply been coincidence, but I can't help but think of that pissed off "banshee" right before all this shit started.

This is something that I've never heard of happening before, certainly not to simple users of it. As I said it may just be coincidence, so don't let it scare you from experiencing salvia. It can be a very pleasant and revealing experience. Plus it's highly unlikely that you'll come across salvia as powerful as the black dry tar I extracted. I've decided that less intensity combined with meditation and other non-chemical methods is the proper way to initiate one's self into these other dimensions, just like the Mazatec. If I do ever make extracts again, I won't exceed 10X, and I won't give it to people who are entirely unfamiliar with other dimensions. Magick and sorcery are very real and not to be played with by inexperienced unknowing people. This is one of the reasons why Christianity swiftly and brutally supressed "witchcraft." It's a power that cannot be controlled with judicial repercussion, thus a potent threat to those in power.

Salvia is not the common psychedelic experience by any means. It IS, She IS a means of accessing other worlds, times, and seeing the future (it's often called "the diviners sage"). I've written about a few of the more extreme circumstances I've witnessed here. Some people just laugh hysterically while others relax into the profound depth of the experience. Also, you cannot overdose or get addicted or anything like that. Several states have illegalized it, so you may not have long to experience this wonderful, powerful herb. It doesn't have the commercial appeal of marijuana or cocaine, so once it goes illegal you won't see it outside of Mazatec gardens deep in the mountains of southern Mexico.


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