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Could have killed


Posted by Anonymous on 24/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

I took a medium hit and held it for 30 seconds; it didn't do much. Then I took my second and last hit, and my trip started. This took place in a small shed with two open rooms.

I was smoking the pipe and when I put it down I felt like the 10 people in the room (who were all looking at me) were going to kill me. I ran to the second room and huddled in a corner and I kept thinking truly that they were trying to kill me. Two friends approached me trying to trip me out even more, and I started hyperventilating. I kept yelling at the top of my lungs because they wouldn't leave, I begged them. Finally one of my friends touched me and I desperately reached in my pocket for a knife, I was going to kill him before he killed me. I was TRULY convinced that I was going to die, I even told myself im tripping out but it just didn't register. It was not like being drunk when you KNOW your drunk, I felt as if I was about to die. Thankfully I did NOT have a knife on me, however I did try to strangle him. It was fucked, as soon as I had my hand around his throat it felt as if I was safe and I needed to get him away from me. He backed off and I huddled in my corner again. Thankfully another good friend of mine sat down beside me and told me I was tripping out, and that everything would be okay. I felt safe now because she was protecting me. She got up to turn the music down and all of a sudden I kept seeing people getting up to attack me and KILL me, I have had a near death experience before and I was SURE I was about to be killed. It was messed up and I tried to open a window to jump out because I needed out now (I guarantee if I was on a second story with a open window I would have jumped out). She then calmed me down again and I ran outside and I kept hearing voices and seeing flashlights. As soon as I got to the road I was off my trip, and sweating balls. Then as I started walking back I tripped again, and this time I heard the police and seeing flashlights. By the time I ran back to the shed the trip was over.

I could have easily hurt and or killed myself or another person by taking saliva, I am afraid that if I had a knife on my I would have stabbed my friend instead of choking him. I was stressed/depressed over a recent incident before taking it, I also took 4 T3's a few minutes before. No drugs or Alcohol was consumed before, and I had approximately 11 hours of sleep the day of. Coming off my trip I had nervous shakes and felt cold and numb for the following hour or two.


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/27/2009
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Wow, so are you done with Salvia? How high of a strength did you smoke?

Best of luck to you. I hope that all is well and you keep safe.



Posted by AdamLeaves on 02/24/2014
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I felt shaky too. Almost like I was stunned of how bad my trip was.

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