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Posted by Claymaker20 on 02/03/2011
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this has nothing to do with salvia.. this has something to do with Hydro. The headies of weed.. but what happened to me was crazy.. I had bought some dro from a good friend of mines dad. i believe i bought maybe a dub worth. me and four other heads were smoking this dro but we just rolled little joints and didn't smoke too much. a couple days later i went back to my good friends house to smoke the rest of it which maybe there was a little over a dime left. now it was only me and him smoking this blunt and we both got a lot of hits out of it (now i had only been smoking weed for about a couple months) but i could feel myself being lifted and i just didn't really feel good. So i drove home, now when i got home it was maybe about midnight so no one in my house was awake at the time. Only i was the one walking around. so i get ready for bed go into the bathroom, i look in the mirror then splash some water on my face. look back up into the mirror then all the sudden i just lose control of my sight i start seeing everything in a very bright color, but yet i'm still able to walk around and everything and make it into my bed. like i'm walking around and it feels like i'm blind but yet i'm still able to walk from my bathroom, to my room to my kitchen. as i'm walking i can feel my eyes just moving constantly, like i couldn't keep focus on one thing i was just constantly moving my eyes but not being able to see. so i get into bed and i just lay there close my eyes, and i just thiink about all my thoughts, and even though my eyes are closed they are still moving around, i felt like i didn't sleep at all that night, and i called off work the next day. and the whole next day i just felt like i was going to throw up and everything, now i did eat a ton of chicken wings before i smoke the dro so i don't if that had something to do with it. but after all that i just could not smoke weed ever for about a month cause everytime i got close to weed smoke or just weed in general i just felt like i was going to throw up. i'm better now but just everything that happened messed me up for awhile. sorry this isn't salvia related..


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