Salvia Trip

Crazy first time, bad trip!


Posted by Anonymous on 27/07/2008
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Ok hi i am really new but today was my first time experiencing this. So i so into my bathroom and take a hit. I wait until my eyes are buzzing and i go back into my room. (by the way this whole time i should of had a sitter but didnt, bad choice lol) Anyway on my way back to the bed my body is split in half down the middle of my body. Left side was affected by the salvia and the right wasnt. So i lay down and in two seconds the left side sits up and looks around. I am then sent to this world where i see everything that is going on as it happens in a 3rd person view. When i see something it would keep swooping into the world over and over again. I thought that this is the world people go to after salvia, which was freakin me out so i tried to get out and fight it (ya i know bad idea). I was trying to grab things in my room to try and get out. Then in real life i ran through my house trying to get away from this strange world. I then got to my kitchen and saw my glass screen door. I then ran full speed and tried to break through. Thank god i didnt break it, there were a few small cracks though and a bruise on my head the size of a golf ball. I then was back in reality and was sweating like crazy and was freaking out about what just happened. I know next time ill have a sitter lol.


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