Salvia Trip

Creatures everywhere


Posted by Mr.MojoRisin on 18/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

It was my second time using salvia. The first time it took only two rips until i saw closed eye visuals, but this time after two rips and lying down i saw nothing so i proceeded to taking another rip. After that one there still weren't any closed eye visuals, so while packing my fourth and final bowl i was looking down at my carpet and saw faces all over. Some of them were skeleton faces and others normal but they were everywhere. Then after taking my final rip there still weren't extreme closed eye visuals, but i saw some colors and things like that. But then when i opened my eyes and was staring at my ceiling i saw flashlights outside. It looked like there were four flashlights looking around outside then at me. It felt as though they were really out there. This caused me to get very paranoid, but i kept my cool and calmed my self down. But then my shadow turned into another person, almost like an evil twin and i was falling into him, becoming him until i saved myself thinking that if i let my self fall into my shadow being i could become evil. So i walked over to my couch to put on the tv and calm myself down but then, My couch became covered in creatures and people. i simply shrugged it off and sat down. nothing eventful happened on the couch but as i went to get off there was a feather and it looked like a spider to me so i grabbed it to make sure. Then after squishing it it morphed into a hamster, i tried again and it became a spider, then finally it freaked me out too much so i completely squished it and rolled it in my fingers. Next craziest of all it became a rattlesnake and was moving as though it were about to attack me. Like the flashlights this felt 100% real the creature looked like real things. after this i dropped it and went upstairs to bed. On my trip upstairs everything i saw kept turning into creatures and thats the end of the really crazy parts.
thanks for reading, sorry about how long it is.


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