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Posted by jenlynn90 on 16/10/2009
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Okay, so I'm going to begin with a little about myself first. I've never really tried any crazy drugs before, the most serious one I guess would be shrooms, not too much. I absolutely loved the feeling of intelligence and understanding I had when I took them. I never did get to see little green people running around, or any "fun" crazy shapes like other people, so when I heard about salvia I thought my time had come for it. One night my boyfriend and I were in a gas station and saw it there. I'd never heard of it before, so we asked the cashier about it. It seemed incredible, but really expensive, so we ordered some from I didn't really expect too much out of it, my boyfriend was the one doing all the research and figuring out what it was all about, but I wasn't too interested in details.

So now, the first trip begins. I was at my apartment, with my boyfriend (Cameron), and my roomate and her friend were inside. Cameron and I each did a small amount on the back porch, he went first, then me, and as i was holding in the smoke i started feeling weird. I went to stand up but everything was so heavy. I told him we HAD to get in before we got lost, then the second i opened the door it was a whole new world I'd never seen before (aka my apartment). Something about this brought on crazy uncontrollable laughter, which now is somewhat creepy to me. They tried to sit me down, and everytime I tried to get up it felt like I was in a book, and when I sat up the page turned. I saw different things (nothing crazy, just my friends but in different ssettings) I didn't fully understand this at the time, but I was so out of it theres no way I could have. I didn't see little green people or crazy shapes, but I was in my book, trying to get in the right one. My friends said i kept yelling "AM I IN THE RIGHT PLACE YET?" over and over. I didn't think i was in the world, or "page" I was supposed to be in. When I came off of it I was so confused all I could do was cry.

Now, about a week later, the 2nd/3rd.
Well, Cameron, my roomate Kristin and I were in my room, and wanted to experience what I went through (Cameron's trip wasnt too successful the first time). So after watching them smoke it, and have so much fun, saying they had never felt so incredible before , I decided I'd give it another chance. So I'm laying on my bed, just took a big hit. Camerons next to me, kristins on the floor with my cat. I start feeling it set in, then I want to sit up. I picture the book in the back of my mind, not physically seeing it (same as last time). But, as I sit up Cameron grabs my leg to calm me down, and tells me everythings fine. This completely freaks me out because I KNOW i've been in that moment before, seeing his with his hand on my leg, saying its okay, kristin on the foor, my cat in that spot. It had happened before. It was the strongest/most intense feeling of de ja vu I've ever had. I was trying to explain it to them, but they thought I was on some fun crazy trip, and started laughing, which completley pissed me off. I wanted them to understand that I HAD seen this "page" when i was on my first trip. But I kept saying "the pages are out of order, which one am I supposed to go to?". To me now, this is pretty weird/creepy. But , even weirder is what happened a few minutes later, on (dun dun dun)

my third trip.
So same night, everyone had done another round of good ole sally, and I was intent on getting my fun trip. They both said with the lights off was even better, so I thought, just MAYBE I'll have a normal trip. I lay down on my bed, then time close to the window. (my beds in a corner, the left side against a wall with 2 windows). as I'm starting to feel it, I close my eyes. I see this HUGE , bigger than anything I can explain, thing with a type of almost windows on it. The only way I can describe it in normal words is a huge honeycomb. I had a glimpse of the whole thing, but then could only see about 10 openings at a time, all what was happening in my room, but all slightly different. At some point I saw myself sitting up on the bed, back against the window like a couch. A voice in my head said "See, now do you get it? its the couch you always see in your dreams!" And for a moment I could picture a million dreams that had that "couch" in it. Then I opened my eyes, apparently they had been closed about 10 seconds, and Cameron said "Let the trip begin", and as I looked at him and Kristin they were like news anchors , who were always letting me start my trip. And they werent my bf and friend, they were these totally different entities, perhaps from a different honeycomb. everytime I would close my eyes I would flip into a different section of the honeycomb. When they laughed, they were crazy funny people, and I knew it was the real them, unlike the others I could see, who to me were evil. I told them to keep laughing, so I could find my way back to the right world/page/honeycomb opening. I kept closing and opening my eyes and everytime i was slighty different, and so were they. I was terrified of ending up in the wrong openeing when my trip was over. When I could see an overview of the 10-15 openings it was just so strange. Me, on my bed, with Cameron and Kristin, but everyone was different in the others, like I said. I know in one there was a wheel of fortune wheel, one was an umbrella room with us, just all these weird things. When I was still coming down I was terrified I ended up in the wrong one, or that I had gone back in time to last week again. It was an unexplainable feeling, but like many others, it still feels real. I feel like maybe there is a "honeycomb" of different parts of each person, maybe their soul, I'm not sure. But I know at the time it was more real than anything, and I was still in somewhat touch with the "real" world, whichever one that is. If anyone has any similar experiences or any comments/questions/explanations please respond! I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading !



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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 10/18/2009
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Fascinating Report!
The Mazatec Shamans, medicine men, used Salvia to see into the future, this herb has the power to put you into a perspective where Time is...frozen? and your de ja vu was you seeing a 'window' or freeze frame.
I like your honeycomb/window analogy, and suspect it is the subconscious/soul.
In my case it appeared as an infinitely long line of windows or 'eyes' but unlike you, I could not move from one to another! I was STUCK in one spot of eternity and it was very scary. I'm guessing you were the opposite, trying to pick the proper spot to re-connect to the space/time matrix, where I could not get mine Moving! haha


Posted by sararosexo on 03/04/2011
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I've been reading everyone's expierances with the stuff to see if any were simillar to mine. Like you I had some voice asking "do you get it now" and you mentioned being in a book.. I had the sense that I was stuck inside a book about my life but all the pages were being ripped away. I also kept trying it because I wanted to have the fun/crazy kind of trips my friends were having.. but everytime it was the same thing!

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