Salvia Trip

Definitely chagned me for the better but scared the hell out of me


Posted by Musty goochy on 10/01/2017
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

I've had use with many different types of psychedelic at high dosages and all. But oh did salvia make me feel like I was beginner all over again, even though it's one of the shortest trips you can have. So I've heard about salvia for a while but never was able aquire it till recently. So I had two of my best friends, my cousin and my girl friend all with me at my house. We've planned the day too trip for a while now and we were all excitited and ready to trip and see what the hype about saliva was. I watched my friends go first and they just went blank, drooled everywhere and could barely get any words out. So before I knew it it was my turn, I was honestly pretty nervous because I had no idea at all what too expect. So I packed a bowl took a nice ol' hit and held it in for 20 seconds and exhaled. Nothing happend and then my cousin said "oh this is gonna hit him!" Before I knew it everything in the room just started spinning around me like crazy. Literally everything around me, my friends, the wall, the table, the whole damn room was spinning around me. The curtains I have hung up are some really crazy patterns and they became like giant eyes but still had the same patter too them so I knew it was my curtains. They eyes became all I could see in front of me. The room became the color of the curtains and just eyes spinning all around me. I looked down at myself and this black aura grew around me and I started feeling the most terrible pain I've ever felt in my life. It was like my body was being shredded over and over again constantly. The best way to describe it is if you ever hit your hand or head on fan going really fast that's how it felt over my whole body! I felt like I was dying, all I could think about was "this is it, I'm either going to die or be stuck like this." I just kept having some really dark bad thoughts about myself and just went over who i am and all the fake things I do just as a person. I'm gernerally very good at keeping my cool and not scaring myself while tripping, I never really have that bad of thoughts going through my head. I managed to get up from the couch I was sitting on and move because i couldn't take the pain no more. It just scared me so much I started yelling and cursing more than I think I ever have, I started punching the walls and just yelling curse words till the room came back to normal, the eyes, black aura and pain just slowly more and more went away. After the trip finally ended I was just super out of it trying to figure out what just happened and what I just smoked. I later figure out I experienced ego death during that trip. The black aura was my ego and that's what's always protected me from people seeing who I really am and making me who I am today and what I think I love about myself. I'm a very big people person so I care a lot about what people think about me. So when all the eyes were spinning around me and I'm feeling the terrible pain and going through all these terrible thoughts I was just coming more to terms with myself. The eyes were helping act like it's okay for people to see your insecurities and it's okay to feel like this. The pain was my body and mind getting rid of things I've kept bottled up and shoved down that were hurting me, so all the yelling helpped get it out too. Stuff I've always worried about just didn't seem to bother me any more after the trip. It just helped me get over my fear about what people think of me and helped me love myself more and got rid of the fake ego I've been living by. Also helped being more open minded and handle situations differently. Over all it scared me shitless but it helped in deep down in personal ways. I don't plan to do it again for a while because I think there's stuff I need to work on personal before I have a heavy trip like that again. But other than that all my friends have had great cool trips I'm the only one who had a funky one. I recommend everyone should at least try it never know if it'll help you in some way.


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