Salvia Trip

Did I Just create a Universe?


Posted by alfonsdewolf on 28/03/2009
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Method of Ingestion:cardboard/foil

((this is a re-posting of my original, 'an endless loop'. I am posting it again under a user name instead of anonymously))

I have not done any Psychedelics in several decades. An article piqued my curiosity about Salvia, and I did some research and ordered some. Last night I tried it.

It was clear that this was not a drug to be taken lightly, but the quickness in which it wore off was cause for reassurance. I cleared my mind,
said a little prayer of protection, and as I did not have a sitter made sure that I
had a big mug of water to drop my wood match into so I would not have to worry about fire.
I would then lay back.

I figured the low dose,-1/16 gram-would merely be a trial run, and later I would use outside at a quiet nearby park for a bigger dose rather than trip indoors. Boy, was I wrong.
My world shattered, right then and there.

Different aspects of the drug "stacked" upon themselves...into an "awareness",
(and I use that word loosely because Salvia is not like LSD, where you have an are Inside that awareness, that experience) So, in a place without time, the universe shattered, became a matrix, a carousel, a HUGE loop...and I was stuck on one small chunk of was alive, and moving rythmically, but I WAS STUCK AT ONE PLACE.
It went infinitely to the right and left of me, and I got the sense that far far above me they met, and space was warped to accommodate that, perhaps.

Finally, after probably a minute but since it was frozen in time it had the aspect of eternity, I started to realize I was on Salvia, hence, self-awareness was coming back. But I was still stuck and also had the weird feeling that all humans could experience what I was experiencing as this universe was ALIVE. And all in my "head".

This is where I had a moment of panic. Everything was all broken up, and I desparately wanted my "pieces" re-assembled. At this point I was fortunate to remember that Salvia wears off fast, good thing too because I wanted my apartment back! So, I focused on merely sitting there, and after another minute or two, became more and more aware of my surroundings.
The first thing I did was jump up and grab a spot of Salvia I had on a piece of paper and crumble it up and threw it into the Bathroom. I was just so relieved to have my own little tiny world back,
and I did not want to use that drug again. Only 5-10 minutes after trying the drug I was fairly normal.

Will I try it again? Perhaps a smaller dose, but as far as 'learning' anything, all I can say is that the perspective Salvia gave me is that this extrodinarily large mosaic that consists of the world
is Alive. and perfectly Connected. Rather than a spiritual feeling that other drugs have given me back in the day, Salvia, for me, bluntly exposed the naked clockwork of reality that is owned,
piece by piece,
by Soul.


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