Salvia Trip

Different perspective


Posted by Anonymous on 30/01/2010
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Type/Strength:Diviners sage/5x
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

Very strong asking yourself who you are, a bit of a pretty confused feeling, makes you think in a whole different perspective. . Followed by a strange yet good feeling attitude, you still feel the main buzz quite a bit but are on the way back down.sit there doing nothing having fun because of whats going on in your head. Makes you question reality.

Thats what I wrote just after the peak of that specific trip. It was the best experience with salvia that ive ever had. Chilling in my room and smokin a little grass, decided to grab the salvia I bought from a friend. Once you get comfortable with salvia after doing it a couple times you can experience great periods of meditation. Just things you wouldnt experience sitting around in your room. Decided not to close my eyes this time, played some amazing techno and watched a music video of it. Thought about my life as something totally different, out of body. I think people should try this, just dont be stupid with it. Enjoy it for what it is and let it clear your mind and make you see life in a different way for a few minutes. After it you'll be able to think about what just happened in your head, its great trust me.


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