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Disney Nightmare


Posted by Anonymous on 18/09/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

I had tried Salvia once before this particular experience but had no success using it. Perhaps it was because we only had a metal pipe and regular lighter but after many hits and holding the smoke in as long as I could I only got a little dizzy from it. This time, however, was different. Me and a handful of friends all gathered (Although there were about 5 of us there only me and one other guy smoked it.) Anyways I had gone out and bought a bong and stronger lighter this time and I tried a bong for the first time. I held the smoke in until I couldn't hold my breath any longer and let it out.
The trip hit me slowly, at first I became dizzy and next thing I know it felt as if I was slowly falling backwards, everything was black. All of a sudden there was light and these demonic looking Disney creatures had surrounded me. I began to flee and as I ran I saw a spiderweb-looking door and tore through it. I did this over and over again whole-heartily believing that this was my new reality and completely forgetting that I had even smoked the Salvia. I finally escaped the creatures but suddenly became aware that I no longer had a body and had transformed into some type of conscious mist. Suddenly I believed I was my friend sitting next to me (most likely because I had looked over at him) and was trying to make my new body move but found myself powerless to do so. I finally remembered what I had done and began begging for it to end (according to my friends anyways) when I finally was once again aware of my surroundings I found it hard to control my vocals for a few more moments and began feeling extremely anxious.
While I felt I was in an entirely new world my friends all reported that I just sat there saying, "I gotta get outta here" making swimming motions with my arms and at one point tried to get up and walk out of the room until I was held back and sat back down by my other friend. All in all (even though at the time I was terrified by the trip) I found the trip itself to be quite fascinating and would like to try it again sometime soon.


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Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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I think most of us starting on Sadi tend to feel very anxious at some point. Generally its just a matter of patiently waiting until the trip fades (if you've still got a grip on reality), which is usually just something like 2 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the strength/hit, although often the unreality of it makes it seem like an eternity. I liked the creatures in your trip. I've not yet seen creatures. And thinking you could operate your friends body was pretty funny! Thanks for sharing it.


Posted by Belansky907 on 11/04/2010
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I'm the one that posted this and I'd like to make a correction. I don't think it was 100x I'm not sure if that even exists. It was 80x I believe and yeah a very gripping trip. A lot of people claim salvia gives them some kind of epiphany and I'm not really too sure what this trip had to say to me other than the fact that I am terrified of Disney haha


Posted by Belansky907 on 02/03/2011
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So I went out today and bought some XXX blueberry flavored salvia which I intend to use soon, I'll report me third experience with Salvia on this site after I have used it! We might also post videos on YouTube of the experience.

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