Salvia Trip

Doormat for a bus stop


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 24/02/2009
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Type/Strength:Extract / 20x
Method of Ingestion:Smoked in Glass Ice Bong

I hhad been using just the smallest pinch of 20x for sometime nightly as it had been giving me light visuals and then at about 10 minutes my lower back pain would change to a warm liquid buttery flow and relief.

It had been awhile since I did a full on hit it hard and lay back in the dark on my bed. I hit the bong until all the embers faded to zero and flicked off the lights and headed for my bed.. I actually started to almost lose my way as I turned to laydown..

As I laid on my back there was a familiar tingling and sweat and it quickly left my concious mind as waves of light flooded the dark .. it reminded me of zebra stripes pulsing and expanding..

I began to see a film strip type visual coming from my right above me moving as if it was a frame by frame slow motion movie being unfolded for me to view.. for a moment I was aware I was in my bed, but then I was sucked away back to the bus stop where I had been hours earlier..

I began to giggle as I let it just overtake me.. people were coming and going and I was laying on the ground looking up at them as they walked by me..

Then from the left and the right people started walking on me, through me, over me, and were saying "oh I am sorry, are you OK?". I began to laugh very hard as it seemed so absurd that my body seemed like it was transparent and jelly-like and people were passing physically right through me.. the more it happened the harder I laughed..

I began to return to my bed but the visuals and the scene flashed back and forth that seemed like about 15 minutes or more..

Then as suddenly as it had started it just ended and I was a large melting body laying in my bed laughing and feeling very relaxed and comfortable as if I had just had a very good massage..

Next thing i knew I was waking to my morning alarm and time to get ready for work.. I spent the rest of that day in a very warm and glowing type of mood..

All in all it was a very satisfying time.. I will return again to enter another vision or experience, but not for awhile.. I like to keep these for a moment that seems to be telling me "it is time" ..


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Posted by Shrewt on 04/13/2010
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Very peaceful and well written TR. Any tips for a first time user would be much appretiated

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