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Posted by Anonymous on 17/12/2008
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

This was my first experience with salvia and i didn't really have much of an idea of what was in store for me, accept that it was an intense trip and from what my friends had told me far more intense than acid and mushrooms. I thought that sense i was a chill guy that the trip would be pretty chill, but boy was i wrong.

i was at my friends house and i was sitting by the window my back to his bed (which became my vessel during the trip, if you will) and took the biggest hit i possibly could and held it in for as long as i could. My plan had been to get up after i took the hit and sit on the couch to the right, so that i could watch a movie that i wanted to watch. That wasn't exactly how it happened.

After i took the hit i immediately forgot all about reality and my life before the trip. The whole universe was blue rectangularish shapes on top of a yellow surface. I was quickly drawn into the blue shape in the center and discovered that there were other people in the shapes around me. I became part of that shape, but at the same time i had an overwhelming feeling that i needed to go through it. There were people in the shapes around me as well and i conversed with them, but it was very hurried. Apparently i was saying "the people, it has to go, i have to do it".
After maybe 4 minutes i started to come out of it and i was very confused about my surroundings. I took off my hat, which stayed on through the whole trip somehow, and examined because i still hadn't quite gained understand of what reality was.
Then i realized that i had smoked salvia and that it was all part of the experience and sat enjoyed the amazing body high that i had for about 10 minutes after.

It was probably the most terrifying experience in my life, but i'm getting more tomorrow.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/17/2008
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I just love all these heavier than acid or shrooms reports.. that all last about 30 minutes.. but it is cool.. stop being surprised when salvia opens the deep places of your own mind..

as I recall in my day LSD, Mescaline, Shrooms at beyond dosages produced 10 to 24 hours of other worldly experiences.. and it is amazing that Salvia can produce it in a compact box that is so efficient ..

i just did mescaline 2 days ago and am returning to what is my comfort zone i guess? lmao

but i will smoke Salvia everyday because it just makes life so much more a reward daily..

blessings to all you psychonauts and stay safe..

thanks for the report


Posted by hero4evz on 12/17/2008
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Be wary of extracts. Especially 60x!!! That's extremely strong and frankly unneeded unless your a hard head. Normally 5-10x is plenty for most people. This way instead of completely forgetting reality or losing all control every time you can choose the level of your experience better.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/17/2008
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our friend is right about extracts

i use 5x or 10x daily and it is better tahn any other smoke

stay safe

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