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Posted by Anonymous on 13/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

So after talking about Salvia Divinorum with a coworker the other day i knew i had to get some. I had always wanted to try some type of hallucinogenic drug, yet never got around to it. So, after work i decided to go pick some up at the local head shop and try it out with three other friends.

Later that night (after waiting and anticipating, i.e. reading all these stories on here!) it was time to smoke. Since i was most definitely the most excited one i was picked to take the first hit. We packed the bowl, i took a seat, and took a huge hit. I was planing on holding it in for 30 seconds but could only bare to go about 10 seconds :P. This is were it all began.

The next thing i remember is i am in what seems to me now as a dream, and in this dream i live in this town thats just... i guess perfect. Like the Leave it to Beaver town. And in this town im sitting on my front lawn, and my mom is...err, i guess standing on the porch. Now this is where i began to trip. The next thing i know im looking up and i see my three friends faces, yet its not so much their faces that i see, but they are like huge mountains looking over my world.

At this point my emotion went from the happiest i think i ever felt to the most intruded, or even almost molested type of feeling. I know that a strange word to use to describe the feeling, and im not sure WHY i felt that way, but i did.

As my trip continued i started to almost come back to the idea that im in either a dream, another place/time, or...err idk, lol. I also started to realize i was getting mad because i felt that i was being pulled away from this place i was at. I felt the sky in my world open up, and i was going to be sucked back into reality, and i was getting really upset! As this started to happen i realized that the world i was in, was inside what seemed to be a factory, and in this factory there was a machine and it had picked up my body off the lawn and was carrying me back to reality. I felt almost like a robot when i was on this machine.

Looking back on it now, i believe this is the point were i was really starting to wake up. I felt my...spirit..i guess... go back into the sky. And when i got the point in sky were i would come back to reality, i realized that the sky i was looking at was my vision threw my eyes, my REAL eyes. And the faces of my friends that were mountains were really where i saw them on my trip. After entering back into my eyes, i began to get up. i was looking around the garage and at my friends faces, who i still felt angry at. As i decided to get up from my side, i felt that my right shoulder, the one i was laying on at this point was separating reality and my trip. As i got up i felt myself LIFT reality and pick everyone up and put us back were we belonged.

This was pretty much how my trip went for me, however my friends informed me that i was indeed NOT in another world, and in fact after taking the hit i fell to the floor, and began rolling around for a few minutes, and at one point yelling at them to get the "F**king weed whacker off my leg, it hurts", yes the one that was barley touching me :D.

oh little did they know the truth.

So today, about 12 hours after my trip i can say i had a blast. Although i did seem to be upset with my friends the rest of the night, I'm sure they will forgive and understand. What i am confused about is that for almost 2 hours i felt i was still stuck in between what was reality and what was not. Its not that i was tripping or seeing things, but in my head i was trying to grasp what just happened, and how i could get back to this place of joy i was at. Im not sure it was that i really WAS still tripping, or that my mind was still trying to process what just happened.

One thing i learned for sure is that the Salvia can bring out stronger emotion than i have ever felt. and damn did i love the ride.


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Posted by asleep777 on 08/13/2010
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This was posted by me. I wanted to add that while in this "town" i was in, i felt like i lived a whole life there. The feeling of being pulled away upset me so much because it was were i belonged and were i was happy. It wasn't so much that i felt like i had a, i guess, life there, but more of the emotions i felt around this place were love and how could i possibly love something so much that i didn't even know.

This may seem odd, or maybe its not, but im wondering if when i blacked out after the trip if was spent time in this world and dont remember it. And maybe i only remember the end of my trip. That time didn't mean anything there, and i had really lived and loved were i was at. In all honesty the feeling i had was one when you think of heaven.

Or maybe thats what the Salvia wants me to think, :P.

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