Salvia Trip

Earthworm Conversion


Posted by Insanity Sailer on 08/02/2010
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Type/Strength:30x tincture enhanced leaf
Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

Well this was my first time smoking salvia, Ill start at the beginning with me sitting on the floor with my trusty buddy next to me, I had decided to play a smooth song to enhance the mood, anyways as soon as i hit the bong I was immediately ripped from my body without knowing it and in the body of an earthworm.. at the start of my trip i had no idea that i was ever anything else than an earthworm, It became terrifying once i started hearing the heartbeats of Everything.. i mean everything.. such as the ceiling, the carpet.. Everything.. and in my trip it felt like i was in eternity and it just kept repeating over and over again, for the entire duration of my trip, when i came out of it i did not even recognize my friend for a few seconds and spontaneously began to think that he may hurt me "because i am just a worm" anyways it was smooth sailing and some laughter after all that, lol from there i came out of it with massive confusion, and all was good.

That was my first trip "Ever" in my life, and i must say even though i was horrified, i am extremely intrigued and amazed and plan on continuing my use of Salvia :D


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