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Posted by Anonymous on 07/04/2009
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Type/Strength:20 X
Method of Ingestion:smoked

About three weeks ago, i decided for the first time to try salvia on my own, without any sitter and nobody nearby.Therefore, about 3 am, i went to my garden(wich is considerably big, and has a lot of trees and plants), where i was surrounded by total darkness, and could only listen the sound of the night.
After taking the first hit, i remember to wait about 10 seconds, until Salvia embraised me.
I closed my eyes, and i remember to feel emerged in some kind of energy sphere, where all i could "see" was white light, and some kind off doorways that constantly captivated my curiosity.
As i experienced this empty space, wich honestly was freakin me out(i felt a bit scared) , i decided to enter one of the doorways that i mentioned above.
The more i aproached, the more coasy i felt, like i was entering something familiar, and as soon as i entered one of the doors, i saw the stars, the trees, and started to ear the strange noises again!
I was back to reality??not yet! i still didnīt remember who i was or where i was, i just felt kind of familiarized with the environement.
When i started to think i was going to stay in this familiar reality(even though it didnt look as usual!! it was mush more odd), i felt something pulling me back to the door,straight to the energy sphere again.As i entered it, i felt strangely embraissed with knowledge and wisdom! i had the privilege to stand in the center of the universe, in the ultimate state of peace, where i could see the door that leads to our world, where happiness and pain surround our soul.
As soon as i realised this,the white light started to fade, like it didnīt want me to learn, see, or realise anything more,and in a second, it was all gone!
I slowly started to feel my body(like my soul was returning ), and remembering who i was, what iīve done , and the most important, what i experienced.
This was one of the most touching moments that iīve ever came across, i never felt so peaceful and so connectioned with the universe, every thing made sense, i just felt happy and fortunate for the chance to see what i saw.
I will always be thankfull for the gift that Salvia(or god) gave to me, the ultimate knowlege!


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