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Posted by Anonymous on 13/06/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

so, tried again for the second time yesterday, to be honest I'm struggling to find words but here goes...first hit, for some reason I was a lot more nervous this second time round than the first, but took the hit and sat back, this time when the mild effects started I immediately felt more relaxed and chilled, so second hit and soon as I blow out I start to laugh my ass off, still capable of talking to my friend and receiving a text (although the laughter and haziness of it all was making it a tad more difficult). so i turn my phone off, my "sitter" has had a couple of hits and has got the giggles. Third hit and due to my relaxed happy feeling I take quite a big pinch of this crazy shit! and wow! I blew the smoke out and lay back, after around ten seconds I felt as though something had gripped me! like I even looked down at my body to check that I wasn't being held by anything! it was intense, my mate having the giggles was doing my nut in a bit but I couldn't find the words to tell him to stop. Within seconds, the gripping feeling turned to pulling and I felt as though I was being pulled from my body, i felt no fear or panic, just confusion really, as to what the FUCK was going on, (by the way my giggles had stopped as soon as the gripping sensation started) this was intense for around 3 mins i think, didn't really take note, then i came back and told my mate "i didn't like that" which thinking back now isn't true, i seem to suffer with a very slight headache on coming down nothing major, and man i get hot, which i have read is normal, all in all a complete mind boggling experience, and will most definitely be returning! thinking back now on my next trip i will not let my sitter be high when im tripping because it was somewhat annoying, peace and good stuff! :)


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Posted by parker2783 on 06/13/2011
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i just had a mini heart attack thought i had lost all that, must of timed out ^^^^ that was by me!

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