Salvia Trip

Eternal Wheels


Posted by Circadian Rhythm on 26/09/2008
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Type/Strength:Salvia / 10X
Method of Ingestion:Blast Smoked in Ice Water Bong

I just want to share some conclusions after my experience. I am saying "my" because it may not be "yours".

I smoked the X as fast as I could inhale it and held it for about 25 seconds. I exhaled a big cloud of hazy smoke that had a nice aroma.

After being "IN" the rolling wheel of visions at a place of my mind that became a detailed view of a new reality, a concious choice told me to accept the vision but stay in touch with the room I was in. After about 10 to 15 minutes of enjoyable and hilarious laughter but some slight confusion I was "LET GO" and returned in a very relaxed state.

It was a relief because I was unsure at one point because my normal world seemed to be shaken up and lost.

In retrospect "I don't want to NOT LIVE because of the fear of WHAT COULD HAPPEN.


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