Salvia Trip

Eternal Wheels 2


Posted by Circadian Rhythm on 07/10/2008
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Type/Strength: smoke it / 10 X
Method of Ingestion:vaporized in ice cold water bong

1st.. Your mind is a kiosk to a time tunnel with a beginning and an end. There is an external clock outside your time tunnel.

2nd.. Your mind is not the control center. Realize that you are using Salvia that has been given as a gift. Be humble.

3rd.. Your mind is the tool to receive what you need at that gap in time. When you enter the time rhythm just go with it if you can by yourself. If not, have a sitter.

Environment was lights off.. no TV.. music playlist on.. tried to ensure safety with my bong and fire and go with the experience without any bad incidents.. no sitter..

Hit it good and long and vaporized the whole mix.. set down the pipe.. exhaled after 30 seconds..

entered the eternal rhythm wheel of endless layered onion like visions marching to the beat and rode it out.. as always I was in awe.. the music was teaching me about myself..

I wondered if I was imagining this dialogue.. but it really doesn't matter because I heard exactly what I needed to receive..

20 minutes gone and back in my "inside the house world".. pipe put away.. drink finished.. still missing the coaster for my glass.. have no idea where it is..

I don't remember ever getting up from my chair..

Did I venture outside my house as I sometimes do? I do not know.

I am experiencing a kind of flashback or repetition of effects and a light fog floating in my house and it is 24 hours later.

Someone know what happened to me?


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