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Posted by Anonymous on 09/03/2008
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Type/Strength:The Best Salvia 20x
Dosage:.1 grams, divided in half
Method of Ingestion:Waterpipe, taking each half separately with about one minute interval

I was watching a show about sacred music in morocco and I started to disappear, but not really.  It was very pleasant divided this way, I think I would do well to buy another bowl or two so I could have them loaded and ready to go.  They were doing a pledge drive (LinkTV), and this intellectual-type guy was talking about how he went to Fez and stood by a wall which was built as an expression to God, and he could feel the spirituality of the people who had built it and worshiped through the centuries.  This struck me as soooo ludicrous that this guy thought he had contact with spiritual entities which had attached to the wall, I turned to my left and yelled while laughing hysterically, "Susan, can you believe this guy!!!  How ridiculous first off that people thought God was looking for stones to be piled for him, and secondly that this guy thought a force from the stones was contacting him!"

Mind you, I am all alone with only two dogs, an assortment of fishes, Sally plant, a rubber tree plant, some water plants, and a few spiders in the house with me.  Who the f%^$ is Susan? I felt like we were very intimately connected, like I had known her for years, and I was quite surprised to find she wasn't there.  My first reaction was to look behind my chair because I thought she was playing a joke and hiding.  Furthermore, I felt both that I was a bad person for finding this guys testimony so ludicrous, I mean who am I to judge what the guy felt, and yet, I just KNEW he was pulling BS out of his hat.  To me he was trying to assign qualities of living things to non-living things, and it was as dumb as pissing in a bucket of mud and calling it broccoli.  I completely trivialized all human monument-building, and all the antiquities, and yet, my own belief at the time was perfectly reasonable and yet humbuggery of the highest magnitude at the same time.

Things are also starting to localize as being definitely the "other" on the left side of me, and the "regular" to my right, as I have read many times but have never noticed myself.

Another strange thing is that the past few times I have used salvia, my dogs get up from where they are laying and stare at me like I'm not myself.

The only way I can describe what I experience, each and every time I go "there" is that I am seeing the "Thing", but the thing is completely unnameable.  The ludicrousness of what the guy said surpassed all regular ideas of ludicrousness at that time, and when I went back and rewound the show I couldn't find him saying that.  Very bizarre experiences indeed.  Then when I was coming out my friend (the wife of my Moroccan friend) called, and I talked to her a bit about it and she acted like I was being completely ludicrous, and was trying to analyze me and knock down what I just told her about calling out for Susan, like she thought that I actually believed Susan had been there.  Then she got very interested in how Sally (my s. divinorum plant) was doing, and she was quite persistent that I need to keep it healthy and get plenty of growth so there would be enough leaves in the future.  This seems somewhat different from her previous attitude about my hobby, which has always been fairly neutral.


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