Salvia Trip

Everything getting swallowed up, and it seems SO REAL, but the memory fades fast


Posted by Anonymous on 23/02/2008
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Type/Strength:TBS 15x mixed half by weight with inactive herbs
Dosage:1/8th gram of the TBS, 1/4 gram total
Method of Ingestion:Smoking from my tall new bong

Okay, I saw the unexplainable thing again, and forgot it again, and I knew what it was for a little while and I tried to call my cousin to tell him thinking he could help me, but I didn't know his phone number, and I thought "Oh no, by the time I look up his number in my cell phone I will forget how to explain it and he will just laugh at something deadly serious".

How is it possible that this happens so often when I smoke salvia, but I can't find a word for it that I could use to just tell someone I saw it and then I could just be done with it for that time?

It's a thing that makes the difference between humanity regressing and progressing, if everyone can see it then humanity as a whole can move forward to a point at which there's no longer any animosity between people, because everyone having seen it would have a common bond, if you could identify the difference somehow you would know that that person is your brother or sister, but it goes beyond all the worlds religions, it's the thing all the religions are after, what they're all looking for!

I really need help with this if there is help to be found.  If not I guess I will just have to go it alone.  It had something to do with seasons changing and plants arising from their wintry graves and the warmth of sunlight streaming through an ancient window, and the terror that it will all be gone one day.  If anyone knows where I'm going with this, or a word or better description for it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Oh, I just remember a little bit more about this feeling that overwhelms me.  It feels like a wolf at the door that you need help to fight, if you open the door all alone he will overpower you for sure, and if you don't go out to fight him he will get you anyway at some point, only a helper can save you.

I also felt as though there was a nothingness towards my back-left corner and it was growing, it made everything at the edges of it degenerate and decay, it was all turning into dust and spiderwebs, and in the center of it nothing was left, not space, not time, not the light of a single star, it was NULL AND VOID, and it was going to swallow up my entire house taking me and my dogs and everything I own with it, starting at the northwest corner of my house and spreading southeast, with the northwest corner representing the future and the southeast representing all the events of the past which have led up to this moment, with the southeast bedroom of the house representing my own infancy, and I suppose everything further southeast beyond the boundaries of the house going further and further back in time, and all of history was going to be obliterated and forgotten forever, just like it is all worthless nothingness.

It was all controlled by human thoughts and emotions, a willful desire to forget everything that's ever happened, probably in order to allow completely blatantly reckless behavior with the excuse that they weren't aware of the disastrous consequences of the same behavior in the past.  Like the story of the horse thief that got hanged, and he was some old uncle of yours and that's what happens when you steal, but if you could convince yourself that no one ever told you that story then you could steal with impunity as far as your own feeling of personal responsibility is concerned.... you would blame it on your family for never explaining that society would collectively kick your ass, or try to evade our own responsibility in some other lame excuse.  Maybe with the war, our leaders can try to justify themselves that THIS ONE is WAAAAAY DIFFERENT in some kind of technicality from all those other UNJUST ONES back in the day....  "Oh, all the ancient peaceniks back in that time would TOTALLY agree with US THIS TIME, and OUR PEACENIKS just DON'T UNDERSTAND all the factors involved", but in reality the past was all just the same, with the same archetypal players and everything, but they are just pushing out of their consciousness the glaring similarities!!!!

Oh, and I threw my jacket off into the kitchen floor when I went to get the telephone, I've ripped off my jacket and thrown it before after smoking salvia, is there anyone who can explain why I do that?  I think it's rather strange.


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