Salvia Trip

Everything turns into seperate pixels..


Posted by Anonymous on 13/10/2007
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

So where to begin. Not too long ago a friend and I decided to get some extract. I randomly mentioned how I had done it in the past and what a coincidence so had he. Only thing is that he didn't enjoy his first experience with the Sal. D. I informed him of things that he could do to make his "trip" much more pleasurable. Only weird thing now that I think about it is the man at the head shop has a striking resemblence to Sea Mac (maybe he has an east coast cousin or something). He was a very spiritual man who talked to my friend about the origins of Sal. D. and well he knew what he was talking about. He was just very positive, so I guess it helped my friend kind of relax about trying it again.
I remember sitting in a shed with a small table lamp. I did my normal eyeball amount into my bowl and gave it to my friend. He took a rip and then layed down. I took the bowl and sprinkled some more for myself. It was roughly .25g. I remember the wait and then it hit me like it does everytime. Everything in the room including my friend became tiny pixels and I molded into the couch. Everything began to unzip in front of me in multiple layers. Constantly unveiling new things to me. I packed another and ripped. I began to see extreme visuals. I remember a woman standing on top of a temple looking up to the sun. It was almost as if she was praying and all she kept saying was yes over and over again. I soon went back to the zippers. Next thing I know my friend had gotten off the floor and sat on the couch next to me. He looks at me and says "should I take my shirt off like the indians?" When I was back on earth I asked him WTF. He said that it was a reference to the extreme sweating.
Don't really know what Sally was trying to show me that night. But everytime I enjoy it I see this same visual. The thing that freaks me out the most about it is that it seems to be so clear and so close that I could reach out grab the temple and relocate it. Every now and then I see this woman and she says other things but I am still trying to piece it together.
Last thing I guess, I am just curious if anyone else has ever had any visuals like those mentioned. The pixels, zippers, or the temples adorned with praying women. LOL.


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