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Experiencing Everything as Consciousness.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 14/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

[I'm still tripping a bit, but here it goes]:

Tonight I may have received an answer to a question I have been pondering for some time. And, this answer seems to mirror all that quantum physics has postulated.

I usually feel a "presence" once I go into my journey, but what is this presence? Is it/are they beings that guide the journey? Is it one guide that guides the experience? Or is it not a being but a mechanical but intelligent process that guides the journey?

Tonight I think I got my answer.

I inhaled the 3rd or so bowl of salvia and held it for 30 seconds. I saw my hands and body smear into waves of energy and merge with my surroundings which were now all light energy as well. My world narrowed around me and engulfed me in a tunnel of swirling energy. Suddenly, I felt the presence.

I experienced everything in the environment come alive and swirl in translucent light energy. All the sounds seemed to be speaking to me. The slightest sound of a human, a bird, etc. seemed to be penetrating deeply into my soul. It all was intelligent in this alternate reality.

My non-solid reality, existing solely of energy, related to me personally. I felt the energy of every visible and sub-atomic particle relating with me.

Then it hit me: I am experiencing the consciousness of all that is in time and space within this system I am dwelling in! There is a latent consciousness in every "solid" object, in sound and music, in light, water, the air, and any matter we may experience. It's a different consciousness than what we normally experience, but there is a consciousness to even the smallest particle in the universe.

This knowledge hit me hard, and thrilled me greatly. Was I experiencing "a" being(s)? Perhaps. But my feeling of being non-dual existence allowed me to glimpse "behind the curtain" and feel the consciousness of the universe that lies just under the threshold of material consciousness. So, if it was a being, this being came from something even higher, and its constitutional makeup derives from even a higher consciousness, still existing of light and energy.

I Experienced Everything as Consciousness. It was all light, with consciousness inherent in it.

Has anyone here on this board felt anything similar before? I'd love to hear your stories that mirror this.

Take care!


For a real example of this, try listening to some very alive, but relaxing music - with lyrics - while on salvia. Music is a great example of this.You will feel the music exist as consciousness that speaks directly to you. You will realize that music is a "thing," and has form and consciousness as well as sound. And no matter what you receive, you will receive something from the music.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/14/2009
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Nice report.

If you will turn on your FM radio and put it on SCAN so it repeats over and over you will hear what you are describing. Listen to the sound in between the regular radio wave Earth broadcasts. This is space/time sound being received from where? But it is there and there is information flowing in to us.

A suggestion would be to listen to this in the dark by yourself while laying down on your bed right after a big bowl of 20X.


Oh just a note for you. When the fear comes, remind yourself you are coming back in about 15 to 20 minutes. Let go and let the trip take you so you can absorb all of your inner mind and also receive everything that is outside.

Peace out tripper !


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/15/2009
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If you will not insist on thinking about conciousness in terms known to you, the breakout to travel beyond time will become your reality. You mentioned knowing a translucent light energy. You have already crossed over.

Conciousness (dreams) are, if not a door, a hatch into other worlds. And more exciting is this is a two-way street. Your conciousness goes through that hatch, and those other realms send scouts through your hatch.

What are these scouts?

Energy that mixes with our normal thoughts (conscious and subconscious). These foreign bursts are normal and we either see them as normal or abnormal.

This is in essence the threshold that for many generates an impending doom or death experience.

If you study biology, research a seed. It must die and then bring forth life.



Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/16/2009
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Excellent wisdom, GreenDragon333. Thank you.


Posted by andyb on 07/16/2009
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Great report. You have just described animism.

I don't know if the following is quite the same as your experience, but it seems to me to come from the same perspective.

I experienced the curtain you described. Strangely this was the day after my first experience with salvia (a huge hit). I was meditating over my salvia experience when I realised that reality is pure darkness - blackness. We have our true existence in this blackness and what we think of as reality is actually the divine light shining through our eyes from behind the curtain into the blackness before us. Obviously the curtain is the divine between our objective consciousness and what is behind that.

Our ego distorts the divine light that radiates through us and so we see imperfectly. The true spiritual path (of which all religions contain a small part) is that which allows us to see without the distortion.

I realised that it is possible to be constantly aware of this blackness in which we exist. If you concentrate on the very edges of your peripheral vision you can become aware of the blackness that surrounds the edges and extends everywhere we are not looking. It makes this image in front of us that we call 'reality' seem more like a television screen.

I think this is the beginning of a conscious realisation and awareness of the illusiory nature of this life. Our eyes are less like receptors and more like torches. This would give meaning to when Jesus speaks of us being lights for the world to see perhaps.

But then again I may just be talking rubbish!


Posted by andyb on 07/16/2009
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sorry, the end of the 2nd paragraph should read

"... the curtain is the DIVIDE between..."


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/17/2009
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I really appreciate both of your comments and trip reports. Really great stuff.

D-Dude i will dig into my mind and post a few reports that you may enjoy at a later time. There is a library full and it will take me some quiet time to let them resurface.

The common threads among so many of the reports are amazing. Many times as I am reading I just break into crazy laughter because it is cool to know someone else is "getting it".

I personally see the Salvia-Trip experience as a super compressed form of "seing a part of your own mind" while "being mixed with a secret" that God intends you to learn. Even then, we all sit back a bit in awe because it is still so mysterious. But I have accepted this because there are some things "outside unique view" of reality that only God will ever know.

This is the curtain or DIVIDE that has been shared here in this post. A wise old Christian man once told me "God sits outside the corridor of time, and sees the Beginning and the end". I kid you not when i say it has captivated me deep inside everyday since that evening. It left me strangely "spiritually stoned".

Now I will share my first experience with the curtain (DIVIDE). I do it here because it happened under the influence of LSD (not Salvia).

We had a party going on and almost everone had left. We had been body painting (no nudity) with blacklight paints under two huge blacklights, I have to tell you the colors and the hallucinations were really fun.

I was left alone still drinking beer when i felt a presence in the apartment at the bottom of the stairs. It was foreboding and it felt threatening. I was a little scared. Suddenly a veil, a curtain appeared cutting the room in half. It blew as if a wind was rippling it and it shimmered flourescent. On one side was warmth and peace, and on the other was an unknown presence of oppressing fear and darkness.

Then after awhile the DIVIDE was no longer there but the dark fear at the bottom of the stairs was there. I gathered some courage and went to look there. All I saw was the door, but the presence was there.

I went to my room and sat on the bed wondering what was happening. The obly thing I saw at that moment was a Bible my mom had given me. I opened and started reading the New Testament.

I reach matthew Chapter 6 and the a peace came as I for some reason knew GOD had been caring for me and watching me all along. A friend had told me in a time of need I could call on Jesus if I needed help.

I laid back on the bed an was looking at the ceiling. A small blkack dot appeared and then began to grow larger and larger until all there was were the stars and a black night sky and a breeze blowing.

A small dot as of fire was flickering in the far reaches of space and began to grow larger and larger as I fixated my gaze. At a speed indescribable I was suddenly confronted with a demon in my face with the intent of my death. In his eyes was the pure essence of evil and real hatred.

I called out !!! Jesus !!!!!! I was suddenly in my room alight with a beautiful glow and a sense that I was being protected from that demon.

That was the night I learned the truth about a mystery. Then many years later the old man told me about the corridor of time and it all synched up.

About 2 years ago I accidently discovered Salvia divinorum. I wasn't even looking for it.

Since my 1st time smoking plain leaf, I was shown the DIVIDE over and over again.

So I thank both of you and say peace to you brothers.

I am adding a link to my site: hope it is OK SYNC?


Posted by alfonsdewolf on 08/22/2009
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I felt this 'consciousness of even the smallest particle' like this: a universal force that 'presses' against matter and yearns to express itself through it's force, whether it be a rock, plant, or animal.
I think the best way for me to explain what I see as the difference between LSD and Salvia is as follows-LSD showed me that space and time are sides of the same coin, but Salvia bluntly showed me the coin itself.


Posted by improvisation on 02/18/2010
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I am new to salvia .. but do like it .. Had a sort of first real trip recently ( read my post ) ... of course just a beginner at this point.
However .. I think that we are looking in the wrong direction in the way you are trying to understand what salvia actually does. I think you should researched the origin of Salvia. There you will find the truth. Our analysis of this comes from a contemporary/western ego. We try to define what it is , what it is showing us from the point of view of a contemporary western mind. I think this is incorrect. I say, if at all possible, research the origin of salvia. That might give insight. I know that , after my recent experience, I will definitely reseach this. Mainly because as of this day .. there is no history or documentation of where the original seeds came from. That is interesting.


Posted by Points on 05/06/2011
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Yes! I completely understand what you mean! Especially regarding music.

I remember when I was about four years old, I used to tell my Mom that "everything was alive". And the experience which you just described is what I meant!

Amazing how we lose a grip on the divine the older we get.

Anyway, regarding the music; music is very much alive! I press play on my favorite tracks sometimes before engaging with Sally. Have you ever watched the graphics on a Windows Media Player while listening to music? That's exactly what it looks like, but the movements include the spirit of the music.

For example, I was listening to Jazz and the music manifested within my entity with that particular feeling we get when listening to jazz music! It may not make sense, but I was surrounded by a beautiful woman and she was dancing with me encouraging me to dance with her.

I love it!!!

Thanks for the post!


Posted by stgnz on 08/22/2012
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Great post - and great replies!

Just wanted to say that I totally relate. Salvia really does open the door. Its a short sharp shock, but one that leaves a lasting impression.

Do you find you're always a little more 'alive' after salvia? It feels to me like I have a little more spark in me. And that suddenly anything's possible.


Posted by Raziel on 04/15/2013
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I sincerely wish I had your trip. I do believe that all is one and one is all, but my salvia trip was not that way.
My trip with -ahem- my friend DiMeTri was absolutely like that, but not sally.


Posted by Saint Brian the Godless on 12/19/2013
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I Touched Eternity
This one is hard to talk about. Hard to put into words. Language cannot convey the totality of the experience.

Last night, 100X, meditating...

I awaken to the truth. I awaken to the fact that all that we perceive, including our bodies, is a dream. I directly sense that my surroundings, the air that I breathe, everything, is a sea of pure consciousness, or something very much like consciousness. It interpenetrates me; it is me. I can see it, feel it, touch it.

The experience, had I been someone that was inclined toward religion, would have been a life-altering one, so profound was it.

It just hit me. The awareness of awareness. I could see the air around me as a glowing cloud of sparkling energy, my body as another one, embedded in it like bubble, isolated and yet part of it. I could feel the air as if it were charged with static electricity, the hum of my body answering it in kind. I felt contact with the mind that is all that there is. Direct perception of it.

I felt it. I sensed it, an eternal field of pure awareness, awareness that we partake of and share in, but are not the cause of.

It causes us.

My "I AM" is the same "I AM" that is all that there is. We all share it, but we mostly believe that it is unique to us as individuals. No. Not true. I've seen it now, and it's just not true. We are not individuals. We are facets of One Mind that have developed the complexity to come to believe that we are not.

We are also a lot more than what we believe that we are. Much more complex, more intelligent, more busy. We just can't access the majority of who we are while we're living our normal life in this dream that we share. The part of our patterns that we use to live it are simply not sufficient to hold all that we are. We only have access to "the rest of our minds" through intuitions, through inspirations, through dreams. However, the more we are focused on this life, the less we can pay attention to such subtleties.

Thus, we have "Higher Selves." We forget them, though. We're too focused on this dream to remember our true reality, which utterly transcends it in complexity. We're too "small" here to be able to perceive them. Too limited by what we are while involved in this reality.

Last night, I directly perceived the Great Mind that thinks us all up and plays with us, like we would play with a character in a video game.

I could sense why our expectations create the reality that we perceive around us. We create patterns of consciousness inside our minds that resonate with our surroundings. Our minds interface with the One Mind in some way. It's almost like harmonic resonance, like a vibrating tuning fork causing another one to also vibrate over a distance.

My "I AM" is eternal; the character that I play is not. It will dissolve in death, but my "I AM" will remain the same, since it is not really mine in the first place. It does not belong to me; I belong to it.

Last night, I touched eternity. I saw it for what it is. Clearly, and with no doubt in my mind of what I was seeing. It was presented to me in such a way that to doubt it was not an option.

It is not a deity; it transcends the concept of "deity". It is far greater than that. Deities are what we think up to explain the unknown, and so they always partake of our nature. This is not something that we could think up. To compare it to a god would cheapen it. It is all gods, all concepts, all thoughts, all people, all universes. And it is aware of us.

Because if it wasn't, we would not exist. All that we are is it's awareness of us. That's what we're made of. We are thoughts in it's mind, and nothing more.

I am awed.

Note: Re-printed from my blog, "A World Out Of Mind" Friday, November 8, 2013

So in short, to answer your question, why yes.

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