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Posted by Exzanian on 08/01/2011
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Type/Strength:Plain Dry Leaf
Method of Ingestion:Sub lingual

I apologise if I am submitting this as a so called "Incrimination Avoidence" swim type report, but I thought it was totally hilarious to substitute Grandma for me...See if you agree!

"It was very wavy" Gran muttered..

"You mean wave-like?" I suggested..

"Yes," Gran continued, "a slow motion sea wave that seemed to get stronger and stronger quite quickly, building to a crescendo....staying there for a while, and then, down it went and I went with it"....


"Like that, but in slo-mo"...

"It was quite unusual, a bit like cannabis, which I have NEVER used of course", Gran chuckled,..."I felt cut off from reality suddenly, drifting away and then the wave-ness came...and a sensation of laser rays piercing me from above....No I did not hallucinate, it was mental-tactile, but it was unique and it promised so much more, if only I took a larger does..."

So last night Grammy had four pints of apple cider and her head was humming nicely, but she was bored. So she chomped down 5 grams of Salvia D leaf...Dry...It's called the quid method. It utilises the permeability of the sub-lingual vein network of the mouth to absorb the active ingredient, salvinorum, from the Salvia leaf...Of course, Gran does not smoke, and bless her heart, she has no more teeth left, so a half golf ball wad of these leaves had plenty of space to do their thing in her pie hole!

She just chomped it slowly, moving this wad of leaves from cheek to cheek, under the tongue, and back to the cheek again....She never swallowed the saliva juices, just let it swoosh around there a lot. Eventually, after about 1/2 an hour she noticed the first effects, so she slowly started to dribble the juices down her throat...

As the effects took hold, she really started chomping down, really trying to masticate every last micro gram of salvinorum out of that wad folks....You should have seen her jaw work, wham wham wham! Like a pro porn star giving the last BJ of her life!

After 45 minutes in total, she spat out the dry remains....She remarked that it had not tasted that bad at all...quite acceptable actually....Her gums were a bit green though. Yuck.

Then she rode that wave a little more, a bit nervous still, because it was her first time after all...But it began to fade quite soon...After another hour or so, she had come down to base level.

Salvia is a very short acting substance, not at all like the long, drawn out effects of mescaline or even muscimol...The only problem is with the dosage...The trip can be extremely intense, especially if a powerful extract is smoked....

At 5 grams, my Gran is quite safe, but I think she may become quite bored again, quite soon...

She liked it so much I'm afraid she may be tempted to take up smoking.


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