Salvia Trip

Eyes Closed. Me, the conveyor belt.


Posted by Points on 05/05/2011
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

I smoked in my room on my lazy chair staring out the window like I always do, with the curtains open on a semi-cloudy night. I was listening to Tool, but I can't remember exactly which song. For that night, I'm sure I played a few.

I experienced that intense rush and fear that can occur within my trips to the unknown, but it seemed that the music was my "sitter", for I usually smoke alone. Before I closed my eyes, my roughly 8 by 8 window turned into some type of portal which I experienced that I was traveling through it, but even with my eyesight, I wasn't moving. It seemed as though I was travelling the speed of light, as if I were one of those stars that zip through the sky at night.

I ended up closing my eyes and my entity turned into some type of soft galactic conveyor belt. That's all I knew and all I saw. I could only see the end of the belt that turns and goes back the other way. But this belt wasn't just a regular conveyor belt. It had rows of red blocks sticking out from it. The blocks were a tad harder than a pillow and seemingly made of a cushion fabric. At this point, all I could feel throughout my body was these blocks massaging me. I really didn't know how I felt it.

I know I'm digressing, but one thing that has seemed to stay consistent with my trips is the color red. I've seen two or three red vortices in the sky extending from the ground to the clouds. The amazing thing about the vortices, if I left the room and came back, they were still at the same location. As if I were seeing a different dimension. Astounding!


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Posted by Points on 05/05/2011
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Hmm... sorry. This definitely was NOT a level 1 (more like a 4). And it wasn't 5x, it was a mix of 5x and 20x.

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