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fake reality/ salvia tricked me


Posted by clowndeath on 14/08/2010
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I've been trying salvia for awhile now.. I started out with 10x, but it did not work. so I decided to just smoke plain leaf every few days to lower my tolerance. I love it! its the most amazing feeling, I just feel relaxed and clear minded. So last night, after doing lots of research, I decided to try some 10x agian. I sat down on my bed in my room with the lights off and prepared the water bong and told my gf, who was also my sitter, that things might seem strange but I will be okay. I told her to not talk or anything unless I really needed it. I then asked lady salvia to go easy on me and I tried to show her respect.. So I took a hit of salvia and cleared it, held it for 30sec and exhaled. Everything was cool, I thought I was laying on the ceilling and everything just seemed strange, my gf seemed kinda evil but in a funny way.. no true hallucinations though. Well I really wanted a spiritual journey so I decided to do another bowl (bad idea). So I took a hit of the next bowl. All the sudden I knew I was in my room but it didn't feel the same.. I kept hearing this tiny evil voice ask if i want to go? I said, What? and it asked again do you want to go? I laughed and said yeah :-) and then it said bring her too.. so i looked at my gf and said her? and it said yeah. so I laughed and said ok. Its at this point that I realized it was the cashed salvia in my bong that was talking to me.. And I FREAKED! i started saying no! no! i don't want to go! and everything went to hell! i grabbed my gf and kept telling her don't let me go! i don't want to go! i don't want to go! and she kept saying its ok its ok like she was on repeat and it was like she was fake. Then I realized I was tricked into smoking the salvia and now Im stuck in this fake repeating world. All the research I had done online was to convince me to take the salvia so it could trap my soul like every other person who smoked it. I got on my knees and started begging for it to let me go and that I swear I will never smoke it again and that I was sorry. And I really didn't hallucinate visually but I could hear this voice and I could feel this impending doom, and I knew that I just screwed up my whole life, and nothing would ever be the same again. I knew that once I smoked it I was stuck here forever! I finally started to come to and I wanted to leave the room to see if life was real and everything was normal, but my gf didn't want me to move.. well i got sort of violent and I threw her on the bed and ran out the door to make sure I was okay. Once I realized everthing was back to normal I was okay and I still want to try smoking it again.. but I don't know what I did to lady salvia to make her so mad. I have never heard of anyone having a trip like this and I can tell you it was one of the scariest thing thats ever happened to me. And im not someone who is really scared of anything. I am sure alot of people would think this was nothing compared to their trip but i think Its very unusual that I could remember my past and that I smoked the salvia, its nothing like what I've read happening to other people.


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Posted by InvaderRoy on 09/08/2010
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You're not alone. I had a lot of fun with it the first few times. After a monster hit and the most intense experience of my life, the same idea seems to repeat itself every time I try. It's as if every moment in my life is an insignificant train of events that inevitably lead me to smoke it again. So I'm just not gonna touch it again, I think after that one doozy, I've seen all that salvia can offer me.


Posted by RJ88 on 01/07/2011
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Yeah man I had the same it felt like my whole life was a story leading up to the moment I took salvia and that I wasn't suposed to and it was punishing and scary man I had the feeling I shouldn't do it again but after wards I wanted to do it again.


Posted by Spicy zesty on 10/17/2011
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I am so happy someone else experienced the same thing I did. I thought I was the only one. When I did salvia, and my trip started, there was a voice tellin me how I was never supposed to do it and it was telling me how I had ripped a hole I. The fabric of time. It told me how reality needs to adjust to every movement you make and I had made a movement that it was not ready for ( smoking salvia) and in consequence, I had ripped a hole I the time space continueum. I was then floating in a white void with a gigantic book below me. The book represented my life and thr pages were moments in time in which I have lived. Except, the book started a couple days before and I was just placed in existence with false memories of my childhood that didn't really happen. I then realized that I was in a repeating reality and nothing matters. And every time it leads me to do salvia, then I start over a few days before. In my trip, I was lead to believe that this had happened numerous times before, the was telling me that it was just putting me in the beginning of the book again like it always had been doing. I am just so happy that someone has had the same kind of trip as me. When I did this, I also didn't have a sitter (horrible idea). So when I came back I was so flustered and I had no idea the trip was over. And I also remember the feeling that I had messed up big time and I wanted to take it back so bad.

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