Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 26/01/2011
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Type/Strength:Not Sure
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

I'd never smoked anything before besides cigarettes or black and milds. This may have been a mistake but I dont regret it. I took about 6 good puffs because I was convinced the stuff wasnt working. My friend took about 3 hits, which barely affected her due to her larger stature. I think that 6 hits with my small stature was a mistake, because I tripped for like 3 hours. The last conscious thing I remember is falling "into" a table I was stabilizing myself on. It felt like I was falling through rice or sand or something. I would fall into different time periods and memories of my life. Like once I was done with a memory I would fall through more rice to get to the next one. I kept coming back to reality every once in a while, but I wouldnt believe it was reality since I'd lost touch so badly. It finally started to wear off with less time travels, and then the transitions began to get harder and more uncomfortable. Every time I would transition to a new memory I felt as though I was gagging and had to vomit. I finally came out of it and my friend was asking what was wrong. I immediately realized I really had to throw up, so ran for the bathroom. A few hours later I tried 2 hits. And THAT was wonderful.
I totally enjoyed this experience, and I'm happy now that I understand my limit. I also feel like I understand the universe haha.


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