Salvia Trip

falling in an odd way


Posted by Anonymous on 04/10/2007
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Dosage:1 hit
Method of Ingestion:small pipe

This has actually happened on more then one occasion, 2-3 times and i think/hope it was because i was watching some form of tv, ok tv on one occasion, and the others i was watching the visuals from my xbox playing music. im done trying to do it with something moving around or anything. but as im letting out the smoke after holding it in, i start to get this sinking/pulling feeling as if everything is rotating backwards, with the images sort of sticking and falling with me so that im watching this spiral slowly build itself further away, or am is it adding the new "frames" to this spiral on my end i cant tell, but its a square frame... oooh thats it, its like taking a picture of something and then making millions of copies and then placing them one on top of the other each time turning the next picture slightly to the left. and it was always spiraling to the left or counter clockwise. and then colors became intrusive. certain colors trying to dominate the others in my vision. at one point while watching robot chicken i remember getting angry because i was only allowed to see white, and i couldnt tell what was going on in the sketch. and yesterday while reading some posts on this forum even i wasnt thinking and took a small hit off my pipe, not so bad the text sits still. but the color white still became very dominating i would find myself looking at a single letter thinking i was staring at a white screen only to realize seconds after that i was trying to read something.

i dont understand why this agrivates me, i know i wish i would get all laughy like lots of the stories i have read. but not. my biggest curiousity is why is it so terrifying.


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Posted by wolfmoon559 on 11/09/2009
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you saw your chakra its a lotus flower that spins counterclockwise i found out all about it because i saw the same thing you did . get back to me if you want to know more about it i can explain it all to you , my name is brooke by the way :)

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