Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 19/08/2007
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Type/Strength:20X Extract
Dosage:0.25 grams
Method of Ingestion:bong


About ten minutes ago I just came down from a salvia trip (20x).  Me and my friend put on some different music, he listened to Umi says by Mos Def and i listend to i just wanna fuck you by dr dre and after that song i missed the trip i was in so i turned on come around by collie budzz .  As soon as i had the experience, i had to right it down, ill try my best to explain it.

ok so me and my friend made a bukket bong and put about .25 grams of 20x salvia the bowl and did the whole chamber in one hoot( chamber being as big as a 2l bottle of coke)
i took my turn first and he was a watcher, once i took my hit i waited about 30 seconds to blow it out and he hit play on the computer and i lyed on the bed next to the computer, all the lights were off and at first nothing happend but then there was this feeling in my face, a scratching or needle like pain.  the beat of the song caried me into another world, this world was like a never ending yellow gallaxy with only one never ending tube that went all different directions and was all connected (like a roller coaster).  the 'roller coaster' was made up of millions apon millions of colours and t.v screens and after i was carried into this worl a man helped me out of the dark into the salvia world, this man was made up of the same bits and pieces of t.v and colour the roller coaster was, but he resembled a person- with a top hat.  he grabbed my hand and we flew into differend tv screens in the roller coaster and came out of a part of the roaler coaster but further down.  when jumping into the coaster you felt the timgling sensation on your face more.  different animals and peoplewould shoot out like if you were to drop somthing in water and the splashes were the creatures.  the whole time i was on this journy i had fun and the colous made up a very happy atmosphere.  the music stoping was what woke me up, it felt like i was in the worl for a very long time when it was only about 5 minutes


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