Salvia Trip

fighting the force


Posted by Anonymous on 28/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:PIPE

ok i took the rip...felt totally fine...then 20 sec or so i feel a happy feeling.. i start giggling and i remember saying "this is the shit (with a big smile)"...then i the feeling that i felt after was like i lived a whole nother life n i just come to contact with others...but those others were my i was tryin to reach out for help to get out from my other life...strong forces weere pulling or pushing me this point half my body was dead n a seizure effect or something...i then looked at one of my frineds and blurted out his name... i swear its was like my thouhgts were not with in sync with my body or my felt like i was trapped...i actually wanted to kill myself out of that trip...i didnt know what was real....i couldnt even think no more...i thought i had to learn everything i had ever learned in my life all over again...i didnt even know i had a car n i was the driver..


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 09/28/2009
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Uh, whatever.

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