Salvia Trip

finally unexpected things happened


Posted by high dragon on 04/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:bong,after kawumm

YAAH HI AGAIN;Some happenings occured,iwant to say that very positively for onesself conciousness ,to say if you got to get to see some big truth in some coincidentally happening situations ,like 2gther with other guys´ngirls,it is wondersome that you can see the exact stuation between 2 people, f.ex. and you see that ,what you really regret for them,but also you shouldn´t tell them about the exact truth...It´s unimaginable ,that you can get to feel and be convinced in some decisions you never actually wanted to take,but it just occured...a day after,i got to that round or halfround kind of plate,and i was relaxed,while observing a sort of white fog,cloud,which was lighted from somewhere behind.I thought that i have to try to take that jump!like to trust in yourself and give it atry...let yourself fall ,or jump,however in that unimaginable opened universe...maybe later we could talk more...jj.


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