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Posted by Anonymous on 19/06/2008
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Type/Strength:20x Extract
Dosage:Around 1/10th of a gram per hit
Method of Ingestion:Glass Pipe

This is my first post so sorry if my explanations etc. are a bit crap.

I've smoked leaf twice before and got slight effects but this time i decided to go for the 20x extract.  Me and my friend (who's also a member) went to our local dirt bike jumps and i had a small hit just to get the feel as it's been a long time since i smoked anything.

So i took a fair hit (maybe 1/10th of a gram or less) and after holding the smoke in for about 20 seconds i could feel my entire nervous system buzzing and my brain for some reason percieved this change as green (just green lol, don't ask why as i can't explain).
I then felt like i was being lifted up and I exclaimed something like: "I'm leaving! I'm leaving!", i was quite happy about the fact i was leaving, then my arms floated out in front of me and i quickly pulled them in and said: "Wait! I'm taking my arms with me!".
Then when i had [realized?] that i wasn't going anywhere fast i noticed that there were 3 dimensions layered in front of me (me being one, my friend and a bike being another and a tree behind that being the third. I then started talking uncontrollably explaing that i was being flattened and i watched my friends arm as it flattened and i was trying to look around the other side of this 2 dimensional plane (as he was flattening) and i spent eternity trying to see what the other side of a two-dimensional object looked like, i then glimpsed a bit of grey on the other side and that was it.
Very strange indeed.

My second trip was a lot harder but it was annoyingly cut short:
I took a bigger hit, maybe a 50-75% bigger than the last, I once again felt the 'green' feeling throughout my body.  I then decided to close my eyes but the view of the bike jumps that I had before was still there when i shut my eyes so i opened them again and realized that the dirt jump track had become my face (not the other way round), the bottom corner being my bottom lip and other parts being my eyes etc. I then noticed some water on the corner of the track and realized that i was actaully slightly drooling (lol), then i looked very hard and the track turned into these small blocks and poles that made up all matter in the universe (kind of k'nex meets lego), and the harder i looked i saw that these pieces were made of smaller ones etc. etc.... The next bit kind of ruined it for me as a couple of kids rode onto the circuit and it kind of messed me up as they were actually riding on my face (sounds strange i know...) so I forced myself out of the trip somehow...

So there are my two accounts, sorry if it is two drawn out or anything.


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