Salvia Trip

First decent trip


Posted by Anonymous on 16/02/2008
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Type/Strength:Purple Sticky 60Atomix
Dosage:Two small pinches
Method of Ingestion:Smoke with Can pipe

Ok, so at work I went out on the back porch when I was done working and I hit it as hard as I could, my friend counted to 40 for me and I let it out and I could already feel it. I looked at him and his body from the waste down was on the side of his other half, which was wierd, I tried to walk down the stairs after laughing for a couple minutes, and I heard people coming and it seemed like they were really pissed at me, but they weren't, and my friend would be like come on and wave me on and his hand would be blurred and it seemed the outlines of things were animated kinda, I don't really know how to explain it, but anyways I tried to run and my steps seemed so loud and I ended up in a snow bank, Then I went inside and tried to stop laughing and couldn't so I went out back and sat and looked at this pot, and I was trying to find a rabbit, I don't know what thats about.

After that I closed my eyes and say people, that were actually planks of wood protesting with something written on the pickets, they were chanting something but I couldn't understand/hear them. Then I went outside, finished the rest of what was in my pipe and closed my eyes and saw a spider that was tye dye and had numbers all over it.

So that was the first decent trip, everything seemed sped up til I was walking and it felt longer and just crazy, I wanna have a trip where I see people and things with my eyes open and have some kind of conversation and become part of things and really have an experience, hopefully that happens soon, I gotta figure out what strength to order from

Hope you enjoyed it! ;D


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