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Posted by Cerb on 08/01/2009
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Type/Strength:16x Powdered Extract
Method of Ingestion:Smoked through Bubbler

For my first experience I truly wanted nothing more than to be alone and to smoke my own home grown salvia. However, being a very cold winter in Indiana, my salvia is growing slowly inside and I was getting antsy.

My best friend, my girlfriend, and myself decided tonight would be a goodnight to buy salvia. I bought that lowest multiplier that I could, 16x, and went back to my buddy's home to smoke it.

We dimmed the lights--all but a small green light over in the corner--and sat on his big comfy couch.

The Experience:
I packed my bubbler with approximately 1/8 gram of the granulated leaf. I sat back, and went through the paces. Feeling nothing after my first go 'round, I went for another hit. As I was letting the second hit out the salvia began to take hold.

My entire body began to pulse; strong and then light. It was now, despite wanting nothing more than to go on the ride in the beginning, that I decided to explain everything that was happening during the trip. I explained to my buddy, who was in front of me, the pulsing sensation. It was then that I lost all control of reality.

I looked up and could see nothing but black around me, and I was floating in the void. In front of me, far off in the distance, I could see the couch that I was sitting on. However, the couch had morphed into a floating door.

It was now that the laughter came; a maniacal high pitched laughter, nothing like my natural laugh. For the majority of the trip, however, I had no clue that it was me laughing. It was in the distance, and extremely abrasive.

For a split second I caught sight of a hare in my peripheral wearing a suit. As cliche as it sounds, he was very Alice in Wonderland inspired.

For a split second I tasted the salvia smoke in my mouth and it made me realize that I was tripping. I now understood that it was myself laughing, and I wanted to control it. Another friend came into the room at that time and I politely (because in my mind, politeness is the only thing I could control at the time) told him to leave, afraid it would ruin what was happening.

Immediately I went back into the dark place with the door/couch. I realized that if I wanted the visions to stop I had to reach the door and walk through it. I was able now to will myself to slowly float to it. As I neared the door I saw a fat, cartoonish man with thin, long arms and a long neck, and bars had materialized over the door.

Once I reached them I began to come in and out of consciousness. I tried to crouch in through the bars, and remember grabbing my shirt and huddling down on the couch in the real world. I tasted the salvia once more in my mouth and realized that my lips and mouth were very wet and attempted to wipe them with my hand. I don't remember whether or not I succeeded.

Once I reached the door I came back to consciousness, though I was still hallucinating. I remembered my goal of explaining my trip as it was happening now. I looked at the green light and, not being able to remove my eyes from it, said, "I'm now looking at the light just as I had imagined I would." My buddy got up and stood in front of it. I could see the light around his silhouette and told him politely to move. He did, but I could not remove my eyes from the light.

Once I moved my eyes, I went into another laughing fit; the same maniacal laugh. Hating it I covered my mouth with both hands to stop it.

As I finally came out of it, I sat on the couch, heart beating, not being able to wrap my mind around the fact that I had been there the entire time. I feared that I would go back, though it wasn't scary in the least. The laughing and the feeling that everyone was sitting up on the door/couch looking at my helpless body just made me wish that I could control it.

Coming Down:
Once I felt that I was stable enough to walk, I went into the kitchen to get a drink, thinking that it was all over. I got to the kitchen and forgot my reason for being there. My buddy came in and handed me a cup with water in it, and I realized that I was still very messed up.

I sat and talked to another friend about my trip for a moment. I saw my screens sitting in baggies on the floor. Going back later to get them, I realized that my mind had created them, as they were in my coat pocket the entire time.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience. The only thing's that I would change if I had my druthers would be the uncontrollable, abrasive laughter that continued to come from my mouth for the majority of the trip, and the sense of being out of my own body while others looked at the crazy things that it was doing.

Being my first time experiencing salvia, I'm pleased that I was able to reach a level 4 trip with an out of body experience. I'm also, for some odd reason, very glad that I was able to talk about some of the things happening to me aloud while they occurred.

As a side note: My buddy says that I also mentioned my not being able to control my laughter. He also says that I mentioned that I was in "my world" and that "my world is now pushing me" once I realized I could will myself to float.

Thanks for reading.


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Posted by Cerb on 01/08/2009
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I also wanted to mention the length of the experience, but forgot. Though it felt like it lasted no more than a few seconds, my sitters tell me that I was tripping for probably 4 or 5 minutes.


Posted by Cerb on 01/08/2009
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Sorry to continually do this, but I also forgot to mention the music. Before I began, my buddy put on Sigur Ros's ( ) album. Wanting the music to be a large part of what was happening, I was slightly disappointed to realize that I couldn't hear it over the overwhelming scenario that was playing out. Even once I had come down, the music went unnoticed.


Posted by hero4evz on 01/08/2009
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I like the precision and accuracy of your account. Great way to explain EVERYTHING that happened, especially the coming down which is often forgotten.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/09/2009
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nice ..

it is ok to laugh and be laughed at cerb..

and yes it is amazing to arrive somewhere and forget why you went there.. like your kitchen for a drink walk.. i once walked in circles for about 2 minutes because i couldnt remember why i even got up.. lol

thanks for a very nice report of your first time

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