Salvia Trip

First Hard Trip


Posted by Anonymous on 03/06/2008
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Dosage:one hit?
Method of Ingestion:smoked

So this was my third attempt at smoking 20x salvia on the day (and ever) and it was about 3 in the morning at this point as I lit up the bowl while sitting in my dorm room’s recliner. I had two friends with me, for the sake of the story, lets call them Bill and Dave, Dave being a quiet bearded fellow and Bill being a relaxed and very calm character. After taking a full hit and holding it for about 20 seconds, then taking another small gasp of air to hold it for another few seconds, I blew the hit out my window and sat down again. As soon as I sat down, it was as if someone had hit the light switch to this world and my consciousness was deposited in a foreign world.
      It wasn't scary, it wasn't really happy; it just was- until the end; and then I reached a near state of paranoia. But rather, I was scared for the other people, and humanity in a sense.
      So I started out in a Lego plastic world and we were all little people (like the toys). I saw vibrant colors, but it was like solid colored plastic walls surrounding me. It was like we had been slaves in this world for a long time and I just got fed up and was like: screw it. So I started walking away and that’s when (in this world) I got up out of the chair and went for the door. I had no clue that I had left my seat and I had no ability to see what was in this world, only what was happening in my mind. After I got out of the door and halfway down my dormitory hall, Bill called me back softly, and that’s when things started to change back to this world, just not this reality.
        I was in this world’s hallway-outside my room, but it as I walked further away it was like I was leaving my feet behind me as puzzle pieces. They were just jigsaw puzzle pieces left stuck to the floor, separated from my legs right above the ankles…That really worried me.
        But after Bill softly and gently suggested that I may like to come back, I hesitantly retraced my steps and got my feet back. I had this odd feeling that I needed to get away, but I couldn’t let the people down back there. It was a large part of me and I couldn’t just walk away from them.
        Strangely, everything I had touched left little paper copies like advertisements, only in the shape of my footprints as I picked my feet up on the way back to my room. (By advertisements, I mean that quality thick paper, like a grocery store flyer.) I had this sense of remembering seeing footprints just like it in the hall before, and it made sense that this was what they were. And then as i got to the door and i reached the handle i realized that everything i touched left paper copies. As i took my hand off the door handle, it just rained down paper door handles
        Then i opened the door and everything was a giant jigsaw puzzle, so i declared, "its all a big puzzle, everything is a puzzle!" Then i went and sat back down in the chair I started in.
That’s when i hit back to lego world and i could see Bill and Dave standing there with me along with another ambiguous figure to my right that i just couldn’t tell who it was. I knew who they were, but i also knew there was another crucial member missing from the group and it scared me that i couldn't remember who it was, like paranoid scared. I realized that things couldn't be right until i knew who that was. Then i looked at the figure, it was like a wall of plastic which my figure came out of until it hit my conscious position. After some reflection and mental straining, I realized that the person missing was me. At the moment of that realization, my consciousness zoomed back to this reality.
        However, the one thing it wasn't-maybe you get a different perspective from just reading it is that the experience wasn't comical at all. It was really deep and profound and meaningful, solemn. Not like toys, but just an alternate world/universe/existence. It wasn't me as I know myself at all. It could have been me in another dimension living out someone else's life.
I had no recognition of my consciousness. Apparently, as I walked around, I did so like a “Little People” too- really stiff-legged, very mechanical, almost like a robot.
        Additionally, while still wigging out a little, I stood discussing the room with a friend, explaining how the floor lamp seemed really bright, and the room was balanced to that point in the room. Like a painting, it was really heavy in that spot and everything seemed to be moving to that spot, or at least drawn to it, if not being dragged down into the floor with it. Upon being told that I should have done this back when taking survey of art, I made what seemed to me at the time to be a hilarious comment about his “Senses Fail” shirt. Throughout the after effects, I would experience hysterical fits of giggling for no reason.


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