Salvia Trip

first hard trip..


Posted by Anonymous on 28/09/2007
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Type/Strength:I think 10x
Dosage:about a thimble
Method of Ingestion:smoked it out of a homemade waterbong

Well its been like more than two years since i tried salvia so ill just type what i can remember..
i was sitting on my back porch, it was about 6am.. kinda foggy and wintery out, i think there was snow.. yeah it was winter. (in north dakota)
so i sat there and ripped on the bong as hard as i could and held it in and put the pipe beside me..still holding it in and then all of a sudden my eyes
start going left and right uncontrollably and iam like What.. The.. Fuck.. Is.. Going.. On... so iam trying to focus but i cant and i feel this "person" behind me but above me.. and i stand up and i still dont know whats going on my eyes still cant see straight.. and then i decided it would be safer to trip in my room where nothing could Get i take a couple steps back from the porch into the garage.. but i was turned into a marionette..and these fucking elves are making me move all messed up like, just letting me swing my legs and arms up a few steps to the door. and then i was saying outloud "WAIt Waiiiit hahah waiiit untill i get to my room hold on" because i wanted to be safe.. well i got in the door and went down the first step to my basement (my room).. but THEN everything became FLAT.  i WAS the stairs and i slid down them half way and fell down the rest. I was flat the whole time. and then... the giggling started...also the drooling. laughing insanely untill i finally crawled from the end of the stairs to my bed and exactly when i laid down on my bed is when the trip ended. I had wood paneling and everytime i looked at the walls there were eyes everywhere. Ha.


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