Salvia Trip

First Impressions


Posted by spindrifter on 08/12/2008
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Type/Strength:plain leaf
Method of Ingestion:gravity bong

After reading multiple experience reports, I decided to give it a whirl. I used a 2-liter soda bottle with a 1/2" hole close to the bottom with a wrench socket bowl fitted into the cap. I fitted a tinfoil screen with pinholes into the bowl, loaded the bowl, filled the bottle with water with my finger on the hole and replaced the cap. As I released my finger from the hole, I fired the leaf with a torch lighter. As the water streamed out of the bottle, the leaf glowed white-hot and the bottle filled with thick smoke. The water gone, I removed the cap and drew several massive hits.

I am not a smoker, and my first judgement was that the method was physically nasty. I felt flushed, and my lungs burned somewhat. Then something began happening in my head...

The peak of the experience was short-lived, but interesting, incomparable to any psychopharmacological experience I have ever had previously. There were no frank hallucinations, just a very distinct alteration of how everything in the room appeared to me. I felt a strange sensation that my body was rotating to the right, even though I could see that I was motionless. I felt an urge to lie down, and in the hallway, I felt a sensation like being in a flowing stream, as if an invisible current was gently bearing me towards the bedroom. I lay down and covered my face with my hands until the peak of the experience had passed. It was all over in what seemed like only a few minutes. I read for a little while then slept. The next day at work, I noted I was not as sharp as I normally am. This was not a particularly pleasant experience, mostly due to the harshness of the method of administration. There will be a 'next time', but I will use a smaller quantity of a concentrated extract so a lesser amount of more potent smoke is produced.


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