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First Level 6


Posted by Anonymous on 22/10/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Water pipe with Butane torch

This happened about 4 years ago, my third time with Lady S. I had a level 4 and 5 trip before on 40x so I was a little prepared for what happened.

So I sat down with a couple of friends in my basement and packed a half bowl of some of my local bong shop's new stuff 80x. (oh and by the way currently 120x is the crazy stuff that he sells now, as well. Welcome to Canada my friends.) About .5g, I then proceeded to cash said bowl, held for 40 and exhaled. I remember setting down my piece and as soon as I felt glass hit the table I was gone. Immediately I was siting in a field of what appeared to be Lotus flowers, but the flowers were a neon glowing pink so bright it actually hurt my eyes.

Mixed in with the flowers, every 3 or 4 feet it seemed, were glowing white Pinwheels which were spinning as though there was a gentle summer breeze. This all seemed really beautiful, until I looked up at the sky and it was completely black. Somewhat like a midnight heavy rain out in the woods away from all lights. It was the most ominous thing I had ever seen. At that moment I started to hear voices comin from all around me telling me that "It isn't time" to which I responded "why not?". I apparently repeated this over 20 times in reality. About four or five minutes of me walking down a psuedo-path in this field of flowers and I came to a door. I opened the door and a white light cascaded over me. Then I was back in my body, drenched in sweat.

Overall I actually really enjoyed my first level 6 trip and still kinda wish I could go back to that field, it had the most soothing feeling to it. I however do not recommend 80x for everyone. I seem to have a pretty high tolerance to Lady S as I CANNOT seem to get level 6 off anything shy of 40x. Anyways happy tripping and enjoy what I refer to as "Dream Weed". PS ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON WITH YOU WHEN YOU TAKE THIS HERB


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Posted by psyche on 10/24/2009
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this wouldnt be considered a level 6 salvia trip. if it was level 6, you wouldnt remember the experience.

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