Salvia Trip

First Level 6 and 5 trip...


Posted by Anonymous on 02/03/2008
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Type/Strength:20x and 5x mixed 1:3
Dosage:One bowl pack
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

Okay, so being on this forum really can make someone think, I've really had a desire to have an experience and I've told myself not to get scared because nothing bad can possible happen... Especially with a sitter, now then, my other experiences have just been uncontrollable laughter, and not really visual, although I have seen some stupid things, although I'm not even sure if it's just me trying to make myself see something...
      This time around, I really was ready, I loaded my bowl, got my butane lighter, and decided to try Arcygenical's way of doing things and lay face down in my pillow with a blanket over me. I took my hit, gave my stuff to my sitter, layed my head down, anticipating an intense dizzy-like sensation, I layed there for a bit blew out the smoke, and told my sitter that it tasted like shit this time, and blacked out. All I remember is putting my head down, until I "awoke" in a level five trip. Apparently I layed down and then sat up quickly, staring blank at my sitter, and my pupils were going from very huge to very small fast. My sitter was scared to death but remained silent. After some time, I "awoke" into my trip... which is what frightened me.
        It felt as if I was becoming the chair, but having the tumbling affect but instead of going through everything and bouncing off, I went through my sitter and came up through my bed where I was sitting. It scared me because it was all of a sudden and it seemed that my house was caving in on me. At first it started out as me walking down a road, but then changed when I saw my sitter in my trip, but I could not recognize him til the end part of my trip... I couldn't figure out who he was... Finally, it started to slow down, because I reached out to my sitter and fell, the only wierd thing was that I had started in my bed, but was on the chair after, I reached out to my sitter and he grabbed my hand which helped me come back. As I was tumbling, I didnt really feel as if I was a being, but as if I was watching myself I guess, or better yet my spirit go through my sitter while chanting Oh nooooo!! over and over... it was insane, my room was different and some features of my sitter were defined... Reading through this I know it doesnt seem to make sense, but it does to me.
        I also didn't write about the trip before... I took my hit, and was by myself, and I always see this person in my trips sometimes, and this person was there, and I decided I wanted ice cream and went to go upstairs, and was like, you can't come with me, and I started running from this person, only thing is, I was running in a circle in my room... I then realized another person with me and I was like who the fuck are you, and decided to sit down and wait for it to wear off when I saw one of them jump into a river on my computer screen, it seemed distressed but I'm not sure what the deal is...
        I have finally come to see that I think 5x might be the way to go.. I'll further test that before ordering again... Also, I'm very curious to what all of this means... I mean nothing bad happened, but is there any theorys on the meanings of peoples visions? I mean this huge tumbling effect and becoming things and going through people was almost too scary, after I started coming down.. At first I thought it was cool, but then as my trip was wearing and I had an existance I didn't wanna do it anymore and tried to become stable, it was almost as if during my trip, the sitter wanted me to go through it, becuase I was trying to say stop, but it wouldn't.. definetly creepy, I still have respect for the herb and will still remain to use it because I know it's helping my back pain, as well as other stuff in my life...

Thanks for reading..


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