Salvia Trip

first salvia trip


Posted by taballoj11 on 11/06/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoked

My first salvia trip was the scariest experiance of my life. I was in my room with a good friend and before i burned i told him to keep me from walking out of my room because there was a balcony right outside the door. After i hit the bowl i held it in for a good 35-40 seconds then exhaled. I felt as if my arms were glued to my side and i fell straight to my back on my bed, or atleast i thought i did. During my trip i kept trying to walk out of my room and my friend continued to stop me. I saw him as an escalator that wouldnt let me ever get to the top. There was a plug i could pull to stop the ecalator but i couldnt reach it. when i was trying to reach for the plug my friend told me i was really picking my tv up andpretending i was going to throw it at him if he didnt let me out. In the backround spongbob was on and all i could hear was him and patrick telling me to lay down on the bed and never get up. The room closed in on me and by that point i decided to lay down on the floor and give up trying to leave. My skin began to burn and i thought i was onfire so i threw my friend aside and jumped in the shower and washed off. By the end of my shower my trip was done and i never wanted to do it again. p.sThe next day i decided to try agin and had a great trip as i had a full conversation about my future with a tree who i thought was a angle.=)


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