Salvia Trip

First Salvia Trip


Posted by Anonymous on 02/12/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked in Bowl

I went to a smoke shop to check out all the bongs they had. I came across some Salvia which is pretty uncommon around my area, and I picked up a jar of 10x. Fast Forward., I was sitting in my room with my cousin, her boyfriend, my best friend. I was first, I packed a nice bowl cleared the whole thing and held it in for about 25 seconds. Let me tell you I was not expecting this at all... The first thing that I experienced was the chair I was sitting in either melted into the ground or got lifted up into the air. Everything started melting, I remember the bed comforter in front of me was melting and I tried to grab it and I felt like everything was in tangible. I saw my friends but I couldn't hear them, I couldn't hear the music playing. I felt like I had no control over my thoughts. It was scary as hell at first but something came over me to remind myself I was just tripping hard as hell. The coming down was just as intense. Everything melting slowly began to take shape again. Reality seemed to come back into focus. After the trip I felt very strange and weird. Salvia has to unlock something in your brain because this was the most out of this world thing I have ever experienced.


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Posted by aazgog on 01/11/2011
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I can totally relate to that! Had my first trip a few days ago after about a gram of C and some poppers - maybe unwise but hey! Took down a bowl of 30X about 1/8 gram and held it for about 10 secs. Saw the wall start to swirl in front of me and the left side of me dissolve. I started to panic a bit and tried to hold on to reality but I just fell through the floor and my body just dissolved totally. I fell into a swirling mass of green black and red liquorice allsorts, and a sqeaky voice was talking to me. I tried to repeat what it was saying but the words wouldn't come out. Reality had just totally evaporated - it was scary because the voice was saying "we knew you'd do it!!! Now we've got you!". I thought I'd never see the 'real' world, or my girlfriend again, that it was just a thin illusion and I'd just destroyed it. The next thing I knew I was at that place before I was born, with voices that were so familiar, more familiar than anyone I ever knew on the physical plane. I kind of flew forward to the time when I was about 2 years old, and sitting next to my mums old yellow twin tub washing machine in the kitchen. I can still recall every tiny detail - the badge on the front, the scratches in the paint, the smell of detergent - weird! Then I saw my girlfriend to the right hand side, with a sort of warm 'mad powder' glow around her. She was saying "you're scaring me" and still smoking the pipe I tripped on. I kind of pulled my consciousness towards her, away from the swirly stuff on my left. I was screaming at her "don't touch that sh*t!!! Don't!!!" Eventually the trip started to evaporate and she persuaded me to do another line of C, which brought me right back to reality. I can't believe how powerful this sh*t is!!! Now I've got a totally changed perception of reality itself - its just a thin film above the huge chasm that's the true universe, and can crumble so easily. For some reason I fell compelled to share my experience as best I can, it's so hard to put into words though. I'm definitely going to try it again, but maybe more gradually and in more natural surroundings, like by a fire in the woods. I think the red and green lasers we had going didn't make it pleasant, and maybe the other sh*t made things a bit worse too. I'll keep you posted!

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