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First Salvia Trip... Fail?


Posted by Anonymous on 17/10/2010
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Type/Strength:Emerald Essence
Method of Ingestion:Sublingual

Greetings everyone,

I purchased a half oz bottle of Emerald Essence after doing much reading about Salvia. Setting, physiology, other people's experiences, when/how long the effects peak, etc, so i'd like to think I know a thing or two, at least superficially. Apparently not - because our (my girlfriend and I) first "trip" was zilch.

I'll start with a brief background of drugs. I'm a daily cannabis smoker (for no medical reason), and have dabbled in LSD maybe 15 times - probably closer to 10, with the usual 2-3 hit doses. Ecstasy and Methadrone I won't even count, they just make you dance. I'm no complete noob to psychedelic experiences, but I have a lot to learn, I'm sure.

So I bought Salvia. It was that or DMT... and A. I don't know where to get reliable DMT, but B. I feel Salvia is a bit more... gentle? than DMT. Can anyone confirm / debunk this? I understand the trips are 100% different, so i've read... but on the "loss of reality scale"... how do they compare? Is Salvia more of a "one with the universe" shrooms-esk trip, while Dimethyltryptamine is a "breaking through the spirit world" trip? Hmm..

But anyway - our Salvia experience was a bit disappointing, and I'm pretty sure I did everything exactly how the instruction booklet said.

First of all, this stuff tastes like GARBAGE, literally. If I opened up my garbage disposal after making sushi and poured the liquified remains into a tincture, it might taste slightly better than this. Is there any method to dilute this nasty concoction with something other than water? I read a post on here where someone used honey water. Any ideas... please PLEASE post them... the taste alone is averting me from taking this stuff again (though I'd really like to have the Salvia experience).

Secondly, our lack of a trip is disgruntling. As the booklet suggested, four droppers of Salvia, mixed with three droppers of hot water. My girlfriend took it first. She couldn't drink the whole thing, the taste and amount of liquid was just too much to hold for 15 minutes, so she drank about 90% and held it for 8 minutes. Then drank the rest and held that portion for 6 minutes. I know that's the wrong way to take it, and the second portion's potency was probably nullified because of the mix with water for so long, but we're trying here.

We waited... 10 minutes... 20 minutes... a little dizzy... bodily relaxation... extra comfortable in my water bed, but nothing.

I decided to go the staggering dosage method, with the same dosage. Three separate shots of 1 dropper Salvia, 1.5 droppers of hot water... I almost threw up on the third dose (essentially not taking it). Again, no results.

What confuses me, is stated in the booklet 1-2 diluted drops will still cause "mild" effects... which both of us had taken. Does mild essentially mean nothing?

We'll try again soon, but I wanted some more experienced Salvia opinions before upping the dosage to strong.

And lastly - your opinion on smoking vs. the essence. I know the differences (smoking is a harsher, but shorter "trip"), but person preference wise, is what i'm asking for.

Thanks everyone!


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Posted by sincohen on 10/17/2010
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I'm not sure why this posted as Anonymous, but I am the original poster of this thread. In case it matters.


Posted by grimjim on 11/03/2010
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Sounds like you are reasonably experienced, plus you have each other to sit and watch and keep safe. I suggest you smoke some 10x or 20x standardised extract in pipe or bong lit with hurricane lighter. You will get a good feel for the experience and can decide if you want to go higher. 5x I think would be too weak for what you are used to. Good luck. Get in good relaxed frame of mind no distractions. Jim

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