Salvia Trip

First salvia trip (odd)


Posted by Thisguyvxv on 04/03/2017
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Well, what can I say. I ordered some 10x salvia after researching for 3 days straight (which was a smart move) I was dead set on trying it. So I did, I packed my bubbler up with about a bow pack with fresh water as I was supposed to. It was around 3:00 p.m or so. (I've tripped a couple times since. I know your supposed to trip in the dark) but as I rip the entire bowl I packed. I just so happened to be listening to show me the way by Peter Frampton with head phones in. And before I knew it I turned into a giant speaker. With a speaker on each side of me. And we were feeding the song onto a giant screen (kind of like a drive-in movie theatre) for the crowd of people to watch. I didn't look on the screen. I was to fascinated on the fact I was a speaker. And the speakers beside me could talk to me telepathically. Then I came back. While I was the speakers I forgot entirely about my life. I thought I had been those speakers forever. It was odd, confusing, and a little scary. But I still ended up going back for more. Lol glad I did. My second and third trip was a much better experience. Salvia divinorum is a beautiful plant


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