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Posted by Anonymous on 21/01/2008
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Type/Strength:Leaf/liquid extract
Dosage:one hit/30 drops
Method of Ingestion:smoke bong/extract oral

Hello this is my first posting on here.

When I first learned of Salvia I had to find more.  All my life I honestly shied away from "drugs" due to my back ground of fear.  However I have allways been alert to trying to open up new vistas of experince.  Im a practiced herbalist, aspiring botanist, artist, and working on a psycology degree.  This plant is right up my ally.

So one day I went to my local herbal medcine shop and imagine my suprise at finding a jar labeled "Red Sage: 18 and over only" I picked some up and tried to do some basic tincturing on it.

Once it was ready I mixed up 30 drops with some water.  Its was night so Lit a candle and turned on some soft music to drown out my roomates.  At first I felt nothing swishing this bitter mix in my mouth.  A sense of calm settled over me and not long after some of the shadows of the room lengthened a bit and began to move.  Almost like hair in water or tendrils.  This didn't bother me and I observed this movement out of the corner of my eye with a detached calm.  This was all that really happened for me.  30 minutes of swishing and I couldnt take the taste anymore.  Spit out the tincture and downed some water.  The rest of the evening I felt rather refreshed.

Some months later I sat down with a water pipe in my bedroom during the day and gave my plain leaf a shot.  At first nothing.  Then slowly the edges of my vision got fuzzy and misty.  Like a gentle fog had settled into the room.

Shadowy tendrils and fog at the edges of my vision?  Im not certain if this counts as a 1 2 or 3 experince.  Im not sure since this is just my first 2 experinces and my first time with any sort of mind altering drug.  (unless you count the Vicaden I had to take after oral surgery)

You guys let me know if this is standard okay?  and nice to meet everyone  :)


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