Salvia Trip

First taste of Salvia - with 15x extract


Posted by Anonymous on 23/09/2007
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Type/Strength:Salvia Divinorum 15x Extract
Dosage:Several hits from water pipe (not sure how many - perhaps 6 or 7?)
Method of Ingestion:Smoking with small bong

My first experience of Salvia (also my friends first "proper" experience of its effects, and although his experience was far more intense than mine, I have placed it in Level 2 area as that was what I experienced first hand - his experience is a sidenote)

A little background - I had recently been given half a baggie of 15x extract from a friend who was leaving the country. I had never tried it myself, and had only heard of people "tripping out" on this weird "mexican tripping weed" stuff. This from people who smoked it at parties or in other non-ideal recreational situations, and found it too weird to do again for the most part.

Upon getting it, I wanted to learn more before trying it, so set about reading everything I could. It quickly became apparent that this was no "fake weed" or party drug, but was much more inline with the shamanic/introspective journey. I'm a very introspective person, so this suited me fine. I also picked up a lot of the common effects, and the need to respect Salvia - for many different reasons.

So, when a friend of mine came round to my house for a quiet night in (he brought with him a fascinating visual feast of a movie called koyaanisqatsi), we decided to try some of the Salvia 15x extract.

I had been smoking weed earlier in the night, and was still feeling the effects. I decided to leave the Salvia till later, so my experience wouldn't be overly effected by the weed. My friend who hadn't been smoking any pot that night tried some first, and clearly found it a pretty amazing, reality altering, and strangely hilarious experience. Afterwards he tried (with difficulty) to explain to me (and quite possibly to himself) some of the random moments or aspects he had just encountered.

He had no prior knowledge of what Salvia experiences could include, other than my warning of the potential potency of the 15x extract experience, and to take it carefully, as it was uncharted territory for us. (We're pretty experienced in many many other more common mind altering substances)

He described being kind of blended into the room, and reality in fact, and laughing uncontrollably at lifes cosmic joke (my words). He also talked about sudden vivid recollections of friends he'd had as a small child - whom he had "completely forgotten about" until that moment. There were some other details which I forget.

At the time I was intrigued that he was describing several of the common effects - with no prior knowledge of them. I found this very interesting, and exciting that I should be about to embark on a similar experience.

I on the other hand *had* been smoking weed prior to trying Salvia, and my experience very obviously reflected this. I smoked several hits from the waterpipe, and felt myself getting heavily stoned once more (or so it felt). I was a little dissapointed at the difference in our reactions to it, but put it down to the weed. It was still enjoyable, and quite tactile, but not what I was expecting after seeing his reaction.

I waited a couple of minutes before deciding that I should have several more hits to see if there was simply a higher tolerance I needed to get past perhaps due to the other stuff in my system. I then felt a sudden RUSHING senstation, and in the flicker of an instant felt entirely different. I was still totally in control, and aware of my surroundings - as the rush/alteration hit me I said aloud "ahhhh there it is!" . My mind and body felt totally different than being stoned however.

It was still quite an overwhelming quick foray into something I haven't felt before, but I remained totally "grounded" in my living room. My body felt weird and slightly like I was controlling it as a 3rd person. Heavy limbs, and strong sensations, though of what exactly I can't recollect clearly.

I could sort of hold down a (pretty heavily stoned like) conversation with my friend, although I was more than content to slump back in my chair and watch the DVD koyaanisqatsi, with its time lapse footage of humanity in action. (Highly recommended)

I was actively "looking" for hallucinations or other effects - especially as my friend had been clearly some place other than the living room only 20 minutes before!

Then, as I watched the imagery on the television, there was a scene of crowds of people walking in a busy American street, it seemed to slow to a crawl (I'm not sure whether this actually happened in the DVD!), and it seemed every person turned to stare INTO me.... not just AT me, but right INTO my eyes/head. At the same time, they all became VIVIDLY seperated in 3D, some were very far away, while others were much much closer to me. The whole DVD scene was the most three dimensional thing I have ever seen on a television screen. I exclaimed this fact to my friend, but couldn't take my eyes off it, not wanting it to stop - although slightly unnerving that all the peoples eyes were still starring directly at ME. It didn't feel threatening - just intensely personal attention.

I also remember feeling like I really wanted to move around, which I often get when under the influence of things that make my mind/body connection feel "different". So I got up and walked around - which felt almost like I was on a ship on medium seas... I said to my friend "woah - feels like i've got sealegs!", as I lumbered around the living room. I was also intensely thirsty for cool water, which I gulped down.

Thats most of what I can remember from my first experience. I am sure there will be many more, and many variations to come.


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